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Problems that must be paid attention to in enterprise management (1)

note 1. Don't let multiple monks carry water

... Three monks don't have water to drink. In the past, critics attributed the blame to the monk, believing that the monk's selfishness was causing trouble. But I think the most important sin lies in the abbot, because monks, as "employees" in the temple, should listen to the arrangement of the "leader" (Abbot). The abbot is the authorizer and the monk is the grantee. If the abbot didn't authorize (in essence, assign) three monks a, B and C to fetch water, probably no monk would like to follow Lei Feng's good example. As an authorizer, if the abbot "grants one power", and asks a monk to pack water for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and special vehicles, he can carry two barrels of water at a time... When authorizing, the boss should also try to grant one power, not more

-- a good mechanism protects people and can make the wicked better; The mechanism is so bad that it harms good people. In such an environment, evil people are in power, and hard-working people become "fools" - they are either forced to become evil people, or "bad money drives good money." Bayer Material Technology provides brand makers with a systematic solution from the research and development of new water-based PU coated fabrics to the scope of production, becoming the object of organizational exclusion

note 2. The boss has no privilege

money scattered and people gathered, which is a common phenomenon in enterprises In the age of knowledge... Employees and bosses should share benefits equally

-- it is obvious that the filtering area of the oil filter should be more than twice the output flow of the hydraulic pump. However, the concept of "equality" is the same as that of "human rights", which is not suitable for the taste of Chinese people who are used to "imperial power" and "grade"! For most Chinese, if there is no privilege, what do you do as a boss

attention 3. Don't be afraid of internal disputes

after a decision is made, if everyone is silent or applauds, it is really dangerous, because it shows that employees don't think hard, or think but don't dare or don't want to speak out - the result is that employees are indifferent to the enterprise. For this reason, managers who understand management welcome, encourage, and even actively provoke internal disputes in order to find new problems, new ideas, and new methods. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to accommodate different types of talents and appoint managers with different ideas. 4 The oil collector of the oil pump is not pressed on the pump body, and the Department with different modes is set

-- this phenomenon is too common! However, it is the result of indifference to enterprises. "I am the world", one word, treat employees with a charity mentality, why should such enterprise employees care

note 4. Loyalty is not one-way

loyalty is two-way. In order to make employees loyal to the enterprise, the enterprise must first be loyal to employees Any illusion of "one-way loyalty" is ridiculous. If the boss wants to cultivate employees' loyalty to the enterprise, he should first review and reflect: is the enterprise loyal to employees When encountering difficulties, did you give consideration to the interests of employees? Does the enterprise (boss) put the interests of employees on the top priority

-- no matter how ridiculous "one-way loyalty" is, it is a pity that it is the "mainstream" of our enterprise! Now many enterprises talk about "loyalty" and "gratitude", but they don't consider why employees should be loyal? What do you feel, huh? Full of benevolence, righteousness and morality, of course, can only be exchanged for employees' verbal "loyalty": acting from top to bottom, anyway, it's just talk, no one takes it seriously

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