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Lawn mower related problems

a1, how to clean the air filter of the lawn mower

the foam filter element should be cleaned every 25 hours, and the dust should be more frequent

the foam filter element is cleaned with kerosene or detergent and water, squeezed to dry, then soaked in engine oil, and squeezed away the excess engine oil before installation. If it is printed with "don not oil", there is no need to add engine oil

the paper filter element is cleaned every 25 hours, and it is more frequent when the dust is large

the front filter with front air filter shall be cleaned every 25 hours, and the paper core shall be cleaned every 100 hours. It should be more frequent when the dust is large

the cleaning of the front air filter is the same as that of the foam filter element

the paper filter element should be tapped gently on the plane. If it is very dirty, a should be replaced or cleaned in low or no foam detergent and warm water solution; B wash thoroughly with running water from inside to outside until the water is clean; C stand up and dry

note: do not use petroleum solvents, such as kerosene, to clean the paper core. Because it may cause deterioration of the paper core, do not put oil on the paper core, and do not use compressed air to clean or dry the paper core

a2. How to change the oil for the lawn machine

the oil of the new lawn machine should be changed after the first five hours of operation, and then every hour of use

to change the oil, drain the oil at the oil drain hole of the oil pan at the lower part of the cutter head, or open the oil filler and tilt the machine to the left to drain the oil (the air filter must be on the upper part). In any case, drain the oil immediately after the hot engine stops and the spark plug ignition line is removed, restore it, and add appropriate oil to the specified scale

note: the discharged waste oil should be well preserved and handed over to the waste oil recycler, so as not to pollute the environment

a3. Why do lawn mowers use high throttle when cutting grass

when cutting grass, the rotary blade lawnmower relies on the high-speed rotation of the blade to cut grass. If the linear speed of the blade tip is not enough, the effect of cutting grass is not good. Therefore, when cutting grass, you should use high throttle and high speed. In addition, the carburetor and automatic speed regulation device of the lawn machine make its fuel consumption not high when the accelerator is under no load. Only when it is under load, its speed will change from no-load 3400r p. M reaches 2800r p. M. therefore, there is no need to use a small throttle to save fuel, and the grass cutting effect is not good

a4. Why should the engine oil be changed regularly

the function of the correct brand of engine oil on the lawn machine is to lubricate, cool down, clean and strengthen the piston seal. After the machine is used for a period of time, with the entry of dust in the air and the metal chips worn by the machine into the engine oil and the heating and movement of the engine oil, its various properties will decline. If the engine oil is not replaced in time, the wear of the machine will be accelerated, the service life of the machine will be reduced, and even the accidents of bearing, cylinder pulling and connecting rod fracture will be caused. Therefore, the engine oil should be changed at a fixed time according to the instructions to ensure the normal use of the machine

a5. Why should the air filter element of lawn machine be cleaned and replaced regularly

the air filter element is to prevent dust from entering the cylinder block and the early wear of machine parts caused by dust entering the cylinder block. It should be cleaned frequently and replaced at a fixed time. When the machine is used, the dust in the suction will be deposited on the air filter element, which will reduce the air intake and increase the combustion mixing ratio, resulting in incomplete combustion and reduced power. Long time working like this will produce carbon deposition, aggravate the wear between the cylinder pistons, and the carbon deposition falling into the cylinder will cause cylinder pulling and loss of machine power. Clean and replace the air filter element in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine. At the same time, the outer wall of the machine cylinder should also be cleaned frequently to ensure its heat dissipation effect. Otherwise, it will also aggravate the wear of the machine

a6. How to choose a lawn machine

answer: the choice of lawn machine should be based on the size of the lawn, terrain, obstacles and how to deal with the cut grass

if the lawn area exceeds 2000m2 or 3 mu, please choose the self-propelled model to improve efficiency

the terrain is undulating or slightly sloping, and the self-propelled model can be selected

when there are flower beds, shrubs or Hedgerows in the lawn, please choose the model with the front wheel as the universal guide wheel. Grass collection or grass mulching in the three in one cutter disc

is particularly suitable

treatment of grass:

-- the side row is suitable for places with large area and uniform grass cutting, and the labor intensity is lower than that of grass collection

-- the grass collection function is used for fine pruning and places with high requirements for lawn quality

a7. How to do the winter maintenance of lawn machine and lawn car

when stored for more than 30 days:

first, drain the fuel in the fuel tank and start the gasoline engine until it stops due to fuel exhaustion

secondly, in the hot engine state just after shutdown, first drain the engine oil in the crankcase, and then fill new engine oil according to the recommended grade to the appropriate scale

third, remove the spark plug, drop ml of engine oil into the cylinder block, rotate the crankshaft for several turns, and install the spark plug

fourth, clean the dust and debris around the cutter head, machine body, cylinder block, cylinder head radiator, air guide cover, cover and muffler

fifth, save

a8. Why can't outdoor power such as lawn machines start in spring after winter

lawn machines and other outdoor power are generally stored in the warehouse in winter without working. If the maintenance before warehousing is not done well, it will often cause the machine to fail to start when it is started in the spring next year. The general reason is that the fuel in the fuel tank and vaporizer is not burnt out during winter maintenance, and the winter oil cannot be burned. At the same time, there is oil in the gasifier, which will cause the sediment after gasoline volatilization to block the oil hole. The result is that the machine will not start or run smoothly. Therefore, before the machine is stopped in winter, it must be well maintained before storage, that is, drain the fuel oil in the tank and burn the fuel oil in the vaporizer. At the same time, open the spark plug to drip oil into the cylinder and pull the starter twice

a9. What if the machine cannot be started in spring

as mentioned previously, if the maintenance is poor after winter and the engine cannot be started in spring, the reasons and countermeasures are as follows:

a, it may be that there is not enough oil in the tank in the first year, so check whether the fuel is qualified fresh oil

b. if the fuel oil of the gasifier was not burnt out before it was stopped last year, the gasifier should be cleaned (it must be cleaned by professionals)

c, send it to a professional shop for maintenance

a10. How to correctly select the type of lawn trimmer

pruning is one of the basic tasks of lawn maintenance. Choosing a suitable lawn mower is the premise to ensure the quality of lawn mowing. The type of lawn mower should be determined according to the function of the lawn. The green machine and tee lawn mower should be selected for the green and tee of the golf course; For fairway and playground lawns, such as football field and football field, the best choice is 3 hob lawn mower specimens; Cold drawn low-carbon steel wire solder joints can also choose rotary blade lawn mower; For ordinary green space, landscape lawn, etc., select rotary blade lawn trimmer; The golf course slope adopts the suspended lawn trimmer; The lawn in the forest or the lawn with many obstacles can use the mower

a11. What is the reason why the muffler of the engine emits black smoke

the reason for the above failure is that the mixing proportion of intake combustion is too deep. If this happens, try to clean or update the air filter first. If the fault is not eliminated, adjust or clean the carburetor of the engine

a12. Why does the muffler emit blue smoke when the engine is running

the above fault is caused by engine oil participating in combustion. After finding the fault, first check the oil dipstick to see if the oil is excessive. If it is excessive, drain the excess oil and run it for another ten minutes. If the fault is still not eliminated, the engine needs to be overhauled

a13. Why is it difficult to start the lawn engine

the above faults are caused by the stuffy oil in the combustion chamber. In case of this fault, unscrew the spark plug and wipe it dry (pay attention to anti scalding), then pull the starting rope for several times, then install the spark plug back and start the engine

a14. What if the lawn mower is weak

remove the air filter and clean it. If it cannot be cleaned, replace it. Check whether the blade is sharp. If it is blunt, polish it. In addition, whether the lawn has thick leaves. If so, the size of grass cutting should be increased to reduce the load of the engine

a15. Why is there a violent abnormal noise when the lawn machine starts and stops

the reason for the above failure is that the central bolt of the blade is not tightened. If the fault is found, unscrew the bolt, remove the tool coupler, check for damage, then reinstall the tool coupler and blade, and tighten the bolt

a16. Why does the pull rope rebound when the lawn machine starts

the advance of ignition time is the cause of this fault. Usually, the flywheel key is cut because the blade hits a hard object when cutting grass. At this time, the faulty machine should be overhauled

a17. Why is the self-propelled clutch of the hob mower easy to wear

during the use of the hob lawnmower, because the operator does not operate according to the operation regulations, he often controls the self-propelled by clicking, which increases the wear of the clutch piece and finally makes the self-propelled clutch invalid. Therefore, during the use of the hob lawnmower, the self-propelled handle must be adjusted in place at one time

a18. Why can't the lawnmower be filled with too much oil during use

the engine oil lubricates all parts of the machine in the cylinder block by splashing the engine oil constantly through the function of the engine oil splash wheel, cleaning, lubricating and cooling all parts of the machine. If too much engine oil is filled, it will cause a large number of emulsions and bubbles. At the same time, the engine oil cannot be splashed, so it cannot play the role of lubrication and raise the temperature of the cylinder block. Therefore, the lawnmower cannot be filled with too much oil during use

a19. What are the reasons for the violent vibration of the lawn machine during work

there may be the following reasons for this phenomenon:

a, the blade is bent or worn unevenly

b, the crankshaft bends due to impact

c, the tool coupler is damaged, resulting in the relative rotation of the blade and the crankshaft, causing imbalance

d, the engine fixing screws are loose

e. the engine base is damaged

a20. What are the reasons for the poor grass collection effect of lawn machine

a) there are several possible reasons:

b) the straw bag is not cleaned after long-term use, resulting in unclean and airtight, resulting in poor grass collection

c) the grass outlet is not cleaned for a long time, and the accumulated grass blocks the grass outlet, resulting in poor grass discharge

d) the blade is excessively worn, and the blade can not collect grass

e) engine wear, excessive power loss and low blade rotation speed lead to poor grass collection effect

a21. There are several reasons for the difficult starting of lawn machine engine. What are the corresponding measures

the difficulty of starting the engine is a complex problem, which should be considered from three aspects: oil, gas and electricity, because these conditions are essential for the engine to work

first of all, the poor spark discharge effect of the spark plug is one reason, and the spark plug gap needs to be adjusted or replaced with a new spark plug; Secondly, the ignition sagittal caused by the sagittal gear and magneto is inaccurate, which requires disassembling the engine for readjustment; Thirdly, if you use gasoline that he said does not meet the specifications or the gasoline is deteriorated and impure, you must change the gasoline at this time; Another possibility is that the air filter is blocked, which leads to difficult air intake. It is required to clean and replace the air filter in time

a22, such as

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