Problems of the most popular self-adhesive materia

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Common problems of self-adhesive materials

1. The edges of self-adhesive materials are adhered, and the backing paper is missing silicon. Adhesive material edge adhesion or silicone oil leakage on some areas of the backing paper will cause the surface paper to break during waste discharge and cannot be produced normally during the printing process

2. The solution to the failure of microcomputer connection of the drum self-adhesive material slitting end face straightness testing machine and the inconsistency of rewinding tightness. It has seriously hit the survival of formal enterprises. If the slitting end face of the drum self-adhesive material is uneven, it will not only affect the registration during printing, but also cause waste discharge difficulties due to changes in the die-cutting position; Inconsistent tightness during rewinding will cause changes in paper tension during printing, and uneven tension will also cause printing quality problems

3. The self-adhesive material has rough edges, while the drum self-adhesive material has smooth and undamaged edges, which is the basis to ensure the printing quality of self-adhesive labels. Therefore, before printing and processing, we must carefully check whether the slitting edges of the drum self-adhesive material have rough edges

4. There are cracks on the self-adhesive material. When the adhesive material is cut, if the cutting tool is not adjusted properly or the blade is not sharp enough, cracks will appear on the surface paper or bottom paper of the adhesive material, and the fibers pulled out at the cracks will be stuck by the adhesive

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