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Recently, due to excessive sulfur dioxide and other reasons, 10 kinds of dried fruits such as "tiantianle" red heart sweet potato of Beijing Liangwei manor Trading Co., Ltd. and Jiafu snow plum of Guangzhou Guanxiong Food Co., Ltd. were removed from the shelves in Beijing. Yesterday (March 4), I visited some supermarkets, snack shops and grocery stores in Guangzhou, and did not find the above unqualified goods. However, due to bulk sales, unclear labels and other reasons, the quality of dried fruit food and the health status of most passengers were able to escape successfully. There are still various problems that make people worried

no dried fruits exceeding the standard were found in the supermarket.

on March 2, 10 kinds of small dried fruit foods were ordered to be removed from the shelves in Beijing by the Beijing food safety office due to excessive sulfur dioxide and other reasons, including the "tiantianle" brand dried sweet potato of Beijing Liangwei manor Trading Co., Ltd. and the "Jinkang" brand dried sweet potato of Guangdong Chaoan County Jinkang Food Co., Ltd

yesterday, I visited supermarkets such as trust mart, Wanjia, jizhidao, and some snack shops and grocery stores. I found that not many citizens bought dried fruit food after the Spring Festival holiday, and the 10 kinds of dried fruit that were on the "blacklist" in Beijing did not appear in Guangzhou

most salesmen said that they had not received the relevant notice for the time being, so they were not clear about the removal of 10 kinds of unqualified dried fruits from the shelves in Beijing, but all dried fruit foods entering the mall were strictly selected, and the mall only reached a transaction agreement with reputable manufacturers, so the product quality was absolutely guaranteed

some citizens said that it can also realize the performance traceability of problematic products and the accumulation of raw data of new products. Last year, events such as "dyed red orange" and "problematic oil" once again shifted people's attention to food safety. In order to protect their health, citizens will choose some well-known and well-known brands whether they buy dried fruit food or other foods. In addition, in order to avoid buying fake and shoddy goods, citizens will also try to go to chain supermarkets, large department stores and other places to buy. "It's a little expensive to buy branded goods in big malls, but it's still worth it." Citizen Ms. Tan said

there are many health problems with dry fruits in bulk

although it was not found that dry fruits with excessive sulfur dioxide were sold in Guangzhou, the interview found that the health status of dry fruits in bulk was really worrying

in some supermarkets, dried fruit food sold in bulk is exposed, and people come and go, which is very unsanitary. Shopping malls and customers also failed to comply with the regulation that "direct imported bulk food must be in the charge of a specially assigned person and shall not be selected by customers". Even some dried fruits sold after being packaged in shopping malls according to the data, the labels on them are not standardized, either there is no factory site or there is no packaging date. Some labels cannot be printed clearly, and their contents cannot be recognized at all

in addition, some herbal tea shops send dried dried tangerine peel and plum blossom to customers. In recent years, the state is vigorously promoting the development and transformation of the plastic recycling granulator industry, and other dried fruits, which are also packed by the clerks of herbal tea shops themselves. There are no manufacturer, production date and other marks on the packaging bags

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