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The new technology seminar on overhead transmission line conductors, a series of materials that are spray free and can replace electroplating, was promoted at Chinaplas in Guangzhou in 2015, held in Hainan

from April 23 to 26, the new technology seminar on overhead transmission line conductors, hosted by the China Electricity Council and co organized by the wire and cable branch of the China Electrical Industry Association, was held in Sanya, Hainan. More than 100 expert leaders from power construction and operation departments, scientific research institutes, design units and manufacturing enterprises attended the meeting. In view of the work of Far East Composite Technology Co., Ltd. in promoting the substitution of carbon fiber conductors for traditional conductors and its popularity in the industry, general manager jianghuajun was warmly invited by the organizer to attend the meeting and made a speech on the application of carbon fiber conductors in the capacity expansion and ice resistance transformation of power lines. Zhuminghua, marketing director, dingyuqiang, Deputy Marketing Director, and others attended the meeting

transmission lines, as the way to send power from the power generation end to the power receiving end, have also become the materials and ways urgently needed by handheld terminal manufacturers, in which overhead transmission lines occupy a very important position. With the rapid development of China's national economy, the demand for power is also increasing, which drives the continuous progress of overhead transmission wire technology. The continuous development of new wires with high strength, high conductivity, heat resistance and low sag has always been the goal of power science and technology workers. One of the purposes of this meeting is to strengthen domestic exchanges on overhead transmission line conductor technology, jointly improve and shorten the gap with developed countries

Jiang Xiangjian software description Hua Jun pointed out that the jrlx/t carbon fiber conductor manufactured by far east composite technology has the advantages of light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, low line loss and low sag compared with various existing overhead conductors. Its long-term continuous operation temperature can reach 165 ℃; The conductivity of soft aluminum in the conductive part of carbon fiber conductor reaches more than 63% IACS. When operating at the same temperature, it can reduce the line loss by 6.3% compared with the aluminum strand when many manufacturers of conventional steel cores choose tensile testing machines. It can use the existing circuit structure to replace the carbon fiber conductor to increase the capacity, and can increase the transmission current of steel cored aluminum strand with the same section at most twice. Therefore, carbon fiber conductor has obvious economic value and social benefits in the reconstruction of new power transmission lines or old lines. (Zhang Zhilong, far east holding group)

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