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New thinking of international production capacity cooperation Sany participates in the "combination fist"

new thinking of international production capacity cooperation Sany participates in the "combination fist"

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at present, China and other economies are facing the challenges of transformation and development, and strengthening cooperation is the only way to achieve innovation, transformation and development under the new normal. Over the past 30 years of development, China's high-quality production capacity has had strong strength to go abroad and go global. The accelerated adjustment of the global industrial structure, a new round of upsurge in infrastructure construction and the vigorous promotion of industrialization and urbanization in developing countries have provided unprecedented opportunities for international production capacity cooperation

"'The the Belt and Road 'and international production capacity cooperation, the former is our road map, and the latter is our method and content of taking this road." Li Jingjing, vice president of Sany Heavy Industry, said in an interview with Caijing national weekly, "for Sany Heavy Industry, it is not the government that wants us to go out, but the stage where we must go out." To this end, Sany group has specially established a "the Belt and Road" strategic group composed of eight core decision-making members

like Sany Heavy Industry, more and more enterprises are thinking about how to seize the opportunities brought by international production capacity cooperation. Which industries in China have the strength and conditions to go global? Which enterprises will take the lead in "going out"? What kind of sparks will emerge from international production capacity cooperation? These are important issues in promoting international production capacity cooperation

In May this year, the State Council issued the guiding opinions on promoting international cooperation in production capacity and equipment manufacturing, proposing to take iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, railways, electric power, chemical industry, light textile, automobile, communications, construction machinery, aerospace, shipbuilding and marine engineering as key industries, implement them by classification and promote them in an orderly manner

"to sum up, the industrial advantages of these industries are reflected in five aspects: mature technology; stable operation based on the market effect of China's home country; the industrial system adapts to the market and is marketable; technology and production mode meet environmental and social standards." Zhaozhongxiu, vice president of the University of international business and economics, said in an interview with Caijing national weekly, "we can cooperate and promote such a mode of industrial development to other countries, so as to give full play to China's collective advantages and form comprehensive competitiveness."

it is an inevitable historical stage for China's economic development to move from middle and low-end to middle and high-end from exporting countries of goods and services to foreign capital export and international production capacity cooperation. No matter what kind of participation in international capacity cooperation, it is by no means a simple capacity transfer, but puts forward higher requirements for the competitive advantage of the industry

Song Li, director of the Economic Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, said: "in international capacity cooperation, what we export abroad is also advanced and competitive capacity. If we export the so-called backward capacity, but enterprises lack market competitiveness when they arrive locally, it is tantamount to 'throwing a stone at their own feet'."

among the 12 industries mentioned above, Fang Wei, a special commissioner of the Ministry of Commerce, took the rail transit industry as an example and introduced its comparative advantages to the national weekly of Finance and economics

"China's rail transit has the advantage of industrial integration of the whole industrial chain, and a full range of railway products can be provided from the exploration and design of rail transit to investment and financing schemes, construction and even later operation management." Fang Wei said, "according to insiders, this is a full coverage and diversification, which can not only provide a package of railway products from highway engineering, communication signals to electric traction and locomotives, but also establish processing, production and manufacturing bases in the host country."

"at the same time, it can also speed up ordinary railways with low cost, high quality and short construction period." Fang Wei introduced that at present, Chinese enterprises are tracking all rail transit projects in the world, including Nigeria coastal railway project, Hungary Serbia railway, Ethiopia Djibouti railway, China Latin America railway, China Thailand railway, etc

At the summer Davos forum, Xu Shaoshi, director of the national development and Reform Commission, revealed that the Chinese government is deploying a number of major projects and parks, and has preliminarily identified 15 countries with strong willingness and good basic conditions for cooperation to carry out capacity cooperation

in international cooperation, China's advantageous production capacity does not simply copy equipment and technology, but should consider how to combine the characteristics of industrial exporting countries, industrial characteristics, and industrial undertaking countries to maximize resources and achieve cooperation. In addition, avoiding political risks and other issues also put forward higher requirements for the implementation of International production capacity cooperation

"some production capacity cooperation projects have huge investment and long cooperation cycle, while some cooperative countries have no solvency, which increases the difficulty of the international production capacity cooperation model." A relevant person in charge of the foreign investment planning of the Ministry of Commerce, who declined to sign, disclosed to, "We are planning to cooperate with a friendly country, which lacks financial support, but is rich in resources. So we participate in railway design, build thermal power plants, and sell power generation to neighboring countries to help them repay railway investment. At the same time, we also send technicians to support the iron ore resources around the railway to help them repay their investment."

"To carry out production capacity cooperation, we must make a 'combined Fist' to promote it as a whole, which has two implications. On the one hand, we should promote the whole industrial chain, lengthen the industrial chain, extend the value chain, strengthen cooperation between enterprises and governments, and between enterprises and enterprises at all levels, so as to form an upstream and downstream industrial chain 'cluster development'. On the other hand, we should promote it as a whole in multiple industries, such as the construction of supporting industrial parks along the leading industries of the railway, Integrate follow-up services. " Fang Wei said

"in the past, we didn't have very close ties with enterprises in the industrial chain and value chain. International production capacity cooperation made us realize that we should unite and stick together." Li Jingjing said that in August this year, Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany group, and a delegation of upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain went to Venezuela to discuss cooperation

in the interview, Liang Yanfeng, general manager of COSCO Shipping Group, introduced some cases of reaching international capacity cooperation to national finance and economics weekly. In order to seize the opportunity of production capacity cooperation, COSCO Shipping took the initiative to strengthen contacts with financial institutions such as the Export Import Bank of China, "our cooperation project with Brazil is very consistent with the financing conditions of the Export Import Bank of China's' China localization ratio ', and once reached, it will further promote our bilateral cooperation projects in Brazil."

COSCO Shipping actively carried out interactive visits, assisted in cooperating with the export import bank in field inspection and research, and finally reached a production capacity cooperation. "Brazil has implemented the localization proportion policy for the construction of its marine engineering equipment. COSCO Shipping has gradually expanded the scope of engineering subcontracting cooperation by providing construction technology consulting and integrating the two into one and then imitating the implementation of consulting services, which has also laid a foundation for this cooperation." Liang Yanfeng said

"large state-owned enterprises have more advantages in resources and projects, and private enterprises are easier to avoid misunderstandings in international production capacity cooperation. Sany Heavy Industry, as a private enterprise, also hopes to cooperate more with state-owned enterprises." Li Jingjing said

cooperation and win-win

"cooperation and win-win" has always been the principle emphasized by China in promoting international production capacity cooperation. Whether it is the combination with developed countries or the cooperation with developing countries, China adheres to joint consultation, joint construction and shared interests, and fully considers the needs of each other's countries in capacity cooperation and the core concerns of each other

Premier Li Keqiang emphasized in many speeches: "carrying out international production capacity cooperation is a way to achieve multiple goals with one stone and win-win results among the three parties. It has been responded by more and more developed and developing countries, in which China is willing to play a bridge and link role."

"the key to promoting international production capacity cooperation is cooperation. The projects we participate in winning the bid are all investment consortiums formed with local enterprises, and the probability of success is high only when local enterprises join." Fang Wei said, "to occupy the space of exporting countries and use their markets, we must respect each other and share their interests."

"carrying out international production capacity cooperation helps to promote the free flow of resources, the integration of markets, and the wide sharing of achievements. It is an effective way to change the current unbalanced development of the world economy and the unfair allocation of resources, such as light vehicles, electric vehicles, and even unmanned vehicles." Foreign Minister Wangyi said in a previous media interview, "for less developed countries, we are also willing to actively help each other transform their advantages in natural resources and labor into the ability of independent development according to their specific characteristics and the negligible driving force from light pressure."

Fang Wei introduced that the Castle Peak Park in the China Indonesia economic and trade cooperation zone provided a model case. Indonesia has a complete range of mineral resources and rich reserves. Lateritic nickel ores are exported first in the world, while China is in short supply of nickel resources. The two sides have reached cooperation on this. In the construction of the project, China has always paid attention to maintaining a harmonious local production and living environment. "Reclaim immediately after mining, and use yellow mud after reclamation. 5. The scope of the experimental project is at the bottom. The water entering the sea is clear, and strict regulations have been made on the operation of the mining area. At the same time, electricity and free medical treatment have been provided to the local."

"Sany Heavy Industry is an enterprise that moves towards internationalization earlier. Different from the past 'going out', the demand of local countries is also upgrading. Many countries clearly put forward localization requirements, which are not only satisfied with purchasing equipment, but also local production, employing local employees, and even technology." Li Jingjing said that Sany is not afraid to transfer existing technology to its partners. "Technology blockade is not a long-term strategy. We should take this as a driving force to promote enterprise technological innovation and occupy the technological commanding heights. Only technology first can we become a standard setter"

"in the past, we were 'passive' and took advantage of foreign advantages. In the future, we will actively go out by ourselves, layout according to strategic needs, and obtain what we need in development. Second, in the past, we only wanted what we used, not everything. Now we not only want what we used, but also everything." Lu Yuebing, vice chairman of Shanggao Capital China fund, told Caijing national weekly

international production capacity cooperation will bring more endogenous impetus to Chinese enterprises. Si Zefu, chairman of Dongfang Electric, said in an interview: "Chinese enterprises should 'go global' to force enterprises to improve their soft power, from research and development capabilities, brand influence to the comprehensive improvement of industrial chain operation capabilities"

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