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New technology to improve the impermeability of PET bottles

in the beer bottle market, how to make pet plastic bottles replace aluminum and glass containers? How to build a healthy, competitive and viable enterprise? This is the largest single investment in Xinda's development history and successfully occupy a certain market share. The key problem is to improve its barrier gas and carbon dioxide penetration characteristics, with attractive cost and quality. In recent years, various options and new technologies have been developed in this regard, including the conversion of materials to pen; The application of various new multilayer composite technologies and the use of plasma coating technology

1. Multilayer composite has become the most extensive technical means. 2. Plasma coating technology and development. 2.1 amorphous carbon treatment system for inner surface. 2.2 based on silicon oxide plasma coating technology. 2.3 local silicon oxide plasma coating. 3. Multi layer composite technology variants on the new development of adding a barrier layer to PET bottles, there have been some multi-layer composite technology variants. Injection overinjection technology polyester barrier layer 4. Endow high-temperature sterilization resistance

The latest research of sound 1 states:

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