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Nano silver textiles, a new textile material, have excellent antibacterial properties and are widely used in underwear, knitwear, socks and other products. The antibacterial properties of nano silver have been recognized by the industry and gradually recognized by consumers. The development of nano silver textiles is booming. Moreover, new materials represented by nano materials have been included in the list of emerging industries that the state focuses on developing

antibacterial mechanism of nano silver

nano silver refers to silver particles with nano particle size. According to research, nano silver has the effects of bacteriostasis, antibacterial and sterilization, and can effectively kill and inhibit more than 650 kinds of microorganisms and bacteria. Therefore, it has the functions of mold prevention and odor prevention, and is green, non-toxic and harmless to human body without side effects

the antibacterial mechanism of nano silver is due to three aspects:

first, nano silver can easily enter pathogens because its structural unit size is between macro matter and micro atoms and molecules, showing special surface effect, small size effect, quantum size effect and macro quantum tunnel effect

second, the size of nano silver particles is small, the volume percentage of the surface is large, the bond state and electronic state of the surface are different from those inside the particles, and the incomplete coordination of surface atoms leads to the increase of active positions on the basis of focusing on the convergence and development of the above industrial clusters, which has the basic conditions for being an antibacterial agent

third, nano silver has strong penetration, can fully contact and attack pathogens, so as to play a stronger biological effect. It has the advantages of high safety, wide antibacterial range, long continuous sterilization time and so on. The antibacterial property of nano silver is far greater than that of traditional silver ion bactericides, especially for pathogenic bacteria, cocci and filaments. Nano silver particle reversing valve can be used in new equipment or existing equipment to kill bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma, chlamydia and other pathogenic microorganisms

specific antibacterial and bactericidal steps of nano silver:

step 1: after the nano silver particles are combined with the cell membrane (wall) of pathogenic bacteria, they enter the bacteria

step 2: rapidly combine with sulfhydryl groups of oxygen metabolism enzymes to inactivate respiratory enzymes of pathogenic bacteria

step 3: the respiratory metabolism of pathogenic bacteria is blocked and suffocated

step 4: bacterial cell membrane breaks and nano silver is released from pathogens

the above four steps are completed in a very short time

performance comparison between nano silver antibacterial agent and other antibacterial agents

nano silver textiles can be treated with nano silver antibacterial agent, or nano silver powder can be added to the spinning solution to make the silver particles adhere to the fiber structure, so as to achieve the antibacterial effect. Therefore, the safety and antibacterial efficacy of nano silver antibacterial agents are very critical

Table 1: performance comparison of various antibacterial agents




organic antibacterial agents

have immediate effect (antibacterial speed is fast, it is more appropriate)

short validity period, poor heat resistance, easy to produce drug resistance, irritating to skin, polluting the environment

natural antibacterial agents

high safety, good biocompatibility

short validity period, poor heat resistance, Complex industrial purification

nano silver antibacterial agent

good antibacterial effect, long validity period, good heat resistance, non-toxic, non irritating to the skin

the price is slightly expensive, Color

Table 2: comparison of different antibacterial agent series (nano silver antibacterial solution belongs to inorganic antibacterial Series)

organic series

natural series

invested heavily

inorganic series

antibacterial power




antibacterial range






very poor

excellent heat resistance


very poor


resistance to "win 1" is free of initial fees Policy management fee drug properties


very poor


smell color




pollution, etc.











Table 3: performance comparison between nano silver and general bactericidal ingredients


nano silver

General bactericidal and antibacterial ingredients

scope of use

it is not limited by the type of bacteria and has bactericidal effect

it can only produce antibacterial effect on a small number of concentrated bacteria

drug resistance

it will not produce drug resistance

easily produce drug-resistant strains

drug-resistant bacteria

have the same bactericidal effect

ineffective, and there is cross tolerance between antibiotics


after experimental research at home and abroad and FDA nano silver heavy metal analysis, Non toxic

the sterilization process of antibiotics and the metabolic process in the body will cause damage to human organs

Table 4: comparison of the bactericidal effect of nano silver and antibiotic drugs


nano silver

antibiotic drugs

toxicity to human body


allergy phenomenon


skin and mucous membrane irritation



cause bacterial variation

have not been found

have the possibility of occurrence

produce drug-resistant strains

have not occurred

may occur

antibacterial period

at least one year

within half a year

research and development of nano silver at home and abroad

the preparation technology of nano silver is mainly in economically developed countries. At the end of the last century, with the emergence of nanotechnology, scientists found that, Nano materials can be widely used in many high-precision and cutting-edge technologies. While studying the properties of nano materials, they gradually began to study their application and promotion, and have been well applied in aerospace, electronics, polymer materials, communications and other equipment, making great contributions to scientific and technological progress. However, due to its expensive preparation cost, there has been no great breakthrough in the promotion and popularization of civil daily applications, especially in the replacement of organic antibacterial agents. Until recent years, Japan, South Korea, the United States and other countries have adopted chemical preparation methods, which has greatly reduced the cost, and began to gradually extend to civil household chemicals, such as nano silver shampoo, nano silver toothpaste, nano silver soap and so on. Some brands even began to brand in China to promote the new concept of nano silver

domestic enterprises also began to involve the application of nano silver. According to incomplete statistics, there are no less than 500 enterprises involved in the application and development of nano silver materials in China, and no more than 50 enterprises can truly prepare nano silver by themselves. Among these 50 companies, few have real research and development capabilities of nano silver, and they are mainly technology transplantation from South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. At present, a common feature of the domestic development of nano silver is that the quality is unstable, the particles are uneven, and the particles are large (all in nm), which cannot reach below 10nm; Second, the preparation cost is still relatively high, which cannot be compared with the cost of existing civil organic antibacterial agents; Third, the market is mixed. Most of them use silver ions as nano silver, such as colorless and transparent nano silver

nano silver textiles have a promising prospect

nano silver is widely used in the field of textile and clothing, such as fibers, fabrics, underwear, T-Shirts, knitwear, hosiery, knee pads, bedding, etc. With the improvement of people's material living standards and the gradual understanding of healthy textiles, the market prospect of nano silver textiles with ecological environmental protection and antibacterial function is very promising. As far as the underwear market for women and children in China is concerned, the consumer group is about 700million, and more than 2billion pieces of underwear are sold every year. If the added value of each underwear is increased by 5-10 yuan after using nano silver antibacterial agent, 50% of the market can achieve an output value of more than 5 billion yuan

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