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Develop new technologies to reduce pollution in the paper industry

American scientists have developed a new technology that may reduce the environmental pollution of the paper industry

the raw material of traditional paper industry is wood pulp. Untreated wood pulp contains lignin that can stick wood fibers together. Lignin will darken the paper. In order to produce high-quality paper such as elongation, stress, strain, damage value, average value, etc., lignin must be removed from these product combinations. At present, chlorine gas or chlorine dioxide is generally used as a bleaching agent to remove lignin, but the waste produced by the chlorine gas process contains dioxin substances harmful to the environment, and the chlorine dioxide process has high cost and energy consumption

in the recently published British journal Nature, several American scientists reported a new research achievement. They first pretreated the wood pulp with a compound containing tungsten and molybdenum as a catalyst, and then bleached the wood pulp with oxygen. During the reaction, lignin is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, which are less threatening to the environment, and the catalyst itself can be reused. This technology solves the problem that oxygen cannot bleach wood pulp with low lignin concentration

however, some experts believe that although this technology can reduce environmental pollution, it still needs to overcome some difficulties to realize commercialization. For example, the heavy metals contained in more than 30 bags in a roll of catalyst may pose a potential threat to the environment, and the equipment required for production is also relatively expensive

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