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New technology of vacuum plasma beam cladding strengthening

recently, the vacuum plasma beam cladding strengthening technology and the development of numerical control equipment have been successfully launched. This technology is a great innovation of UV curing resin in the field of surface metallurgy, which fills a gap in this field. This technology is of great significance to improve the quality of mechanical equipment in China, and has reached the international leading level

in the mechanical equipment industry, mechanical parts often have three failure forms, namely corrosion, wear and fracture. According to incomplete statistics, the direct and indirect economic losses caused by wear, corrosion, scrapping or replacement of parts and components each year account for about 4% of the gross national economic output value. In addition, the resulting harmful substances leakage, explosion and other malignant accidents also directly endanger the safety of people and property. The successful research and development of high bonding force, high wear resistance and corrosion resistance vacuum plasma beam cladding technology and numerical control equipment has changed this situation, made the plasma strengthening technology benefit mankind, and met the urgent needs of coal mining, metallurgy, mining, electric power, chemical industry and other industries. It has been proved by the majority of users and the expert appraisal committee that the project has successfully created a vacuum plasma beam cladding strengthening numerical control equipment on the basis of in-depth discussion of the thermal hydrodynamics theory of plasma beam interaction with external conditions such as atmosphere. The equipment has the characteristics of uniform power density distribution in the arc column section, high stability, and even mixing of the alloy and ceramic powder blown into the plasma beam, which greatly improves the stability of the numerical control operation of the equipment and the cladding process, and has novelty. In this project, a synchronous powder feeding local negative pressure non equiaxed compression plasma torch is developed, so that the cladding effect similar to that in vacuum environment can be achieved in atmospheric environment, which greatly improves the convenience and versatility of the equipment. This is a major innovation in the field of plasma beam surface metallurgy. The developed drf-1 special three-dimensional numerical control equipment for plasma cladding strengthening is especially suitable for cladding large steel components. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable operation, strong anti-interference ability, anti deformation, high automation and production efficiency, and good cladding quality. It is suitable for large-scale promotion and application. The middle trough of coal mine board conveyor strengthened by plasma cladding has been tested in the well, and the wear-resistant life is 4 times higher than that of non cladding strengthening, and more than 1 time higher than that of wear-resistant surfacing. This new technological achievement is innovative and has a broad application prospect. China will impose tariffs on wood pulp, waste pulp and finished paper from the United States, and the overall technical level has reached the international leading level, thus reducing or avoiding the huge cost of replacing equipment due to mechanical wear, corrosion, fracture and other factors. The technology and equipment solution is to check whether the equipment cannot be moved after 15s (time). It can be widely used in coal mines, mines, metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, construction, transportation, navigation, aviation, military and other broader fields, which will produce huge economic and social benefits

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