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Schneider Electric's new TeSys Giga series products were officially delivered offline in Shanghai, China. Recently, on June 8, 2021, Schneider Electric, a global expert in energy management and digital transformation, held the offline and first delivery ceremony of TeSys Giga series motor control and protection products in Shanghai. As the latest representative of TeSys series, jischner 1 Model: hd-dc104 the new TeSys Giga series created by the global R & D force of de electric breaks the inherent internal structure of the traditional contactor with a unique modular design, and is greatly optimized in terms of self diagnosis and protection functions, as well as product width, so as to bring a minimalist customer experience and redefine the future standard of this kind of products by realizing full modularity, full digitalization and full intelligence

tesys Giga series motor control and protection products came off the assembly line and the first delivery ceremony. They are fine-tuning the polymer. They are a kind of products widely used in various industries. Motor control and protection products play an important role in ensuring the stable operation of motors and the orderly development of the business of the main components most of all kinds of springs used in machinery and vehicles, With the development of intelligent and integrated equipment, users' expectations for products, in addition to higher quality, stronger safety and reliability, and more comprehensive protection functions, also pay more attention to the simplicity of products, that is, whether they are convenient for design, installation, maintenance, replacement and other operations, and reduce inventory, operation and maintenance costs

as an expert in the field of power distribution, Schneider Electric has been leading the development of motor control and protection products through continuous innovation, and has been widely recognized in the global market. The TeSys Giga series motor control and protection products officially delivered this time not only continue the family's consistent tradition, but also become Schneider Electric's first global platform R & D achievements. Through the integration of a large number of patents, innovation has been formed in many aspects, such as embedding smart brain MCU in the circuit board, which can enable the product to carry out more advanced computing; The breaking unit is packaged and designed as a modular whole, which is combined with the extended terminal block to bring better sealing and simpler installation and maintenance experience; Replace the traditional coil with wide voltage electronic coil, greatly reduce coil selection to reduce inventory and integration time, and achieve consumption reduction at the same time; Products with different current levels greatly reduce the width and simplify the system layout. Breaking the tradition with innovation and replacing complexity with simplicity is the unique way for TeSys Giga series motor control and protection products to define the future, so as to create a more safe, reliable, intelligent and efficient use experience for designers, disc manufacturers, integrators, OEM manufacturers and end users

TeSys Giga series motor control and protection products

in this regard, Zhang Fan, vice president of low voltage business market of Schneider electric energy management, said: the changing customer demand is the driving force to promote Schneider Electric to continue to carry out technological innovation. The new TeSys Giga series is the epitome of our global R & D strength. It realizes multi-dimensional simplification through innovation, thus overturning the past in the field of contactors. With the features of modular design, self diagnosis function, smaller 15, oil pump motor power: 1.1KW size and more comprehensive protection, users can quickly replace spare parts within 10 minutes, shorten the time to market of the machine by 50%, improve the efficiency of model selection and design stage by 50%, and reduce the probability of downtime by more than 50%. In the future, Schneider Electric will continue to gain insight into the business needs of Chinese users, integrate global advantageous resources, accelerate the pace of local innovation, enable the efficiency improvement and digital transformation of China's manufacturing industry, and help customers realize the release of value-added potential and high-quality development in combination with the newly released green energy management concept

Zhang Fan, vice president of low voltage business market of Schneider electric energy management, delivered a speech

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