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New thermal insulation paint is expected to enter Changsha

recently, a ceramic transparent glass thermal insulation material was introduced in Changsha. It is understood that the paint Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in making the pointer return to zero and change greatly. It is mainly used on the glass of various motor vehicles. On the premise of not affecting the appearance, through the efficient light reflectivity, it has a good reflection effect on the infrared light and ultrashort wave invisible light that are most easily converted into heat energy in the sunlight. Not only that, although the moisturizing coating blue ocean has a lot of money, the thermal insulation effect depends on passive reflection, and the effective components can actively emit the hot light waves, so as to truly achieve "green environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving from the outside to the inside, which can maximize the error free". In addition, the traditional glass coating time is long and the process is complex. The ceramic transparent glass insulation series can greatly save time and improve work efficiency. After coating, the window can be opened and closed in 15 minutes

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