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Made in China 2025 and 3D printing

Lu Bingheng pointed out that compared with China, Germany and the United States, Germany's industrial advantages lie in excellent quality, solid foundation and rigorous technology; The advantages of the United States lie in social innovation, high-tech advantages, and the integration of global resources and elites; The important advantage of China is that it has a vanadium mining enterprise, which has achieved a very high profit level, a relatively complete industrial system, a huge domestic demand market and rich human resources

On January 15, the 21st science and technology innovation lecture hosted by Quanzhou science and Technology Bureau invited Lu Bingheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of Xi'an Jiaotong University, to give a special lecture on "made in China 2025 and 3D printing". More than 300 people attended the meeting, including Chen Canhui, vice mayor of Quanzhou, Yan Zhihuang, director of Quanzhou science and Technology Bureau, and representatives of colleges, research platforms and enterprises in Quanzhou

Lu Bingheng introduced the development status of China's manufacturing industry, the development plan of made in China 2025, the world's mainstream 3D printing technology and the major scientific and technological breakthroughs that will be brought about at the report meeting

made in China 2025 and collaborative innovation

Lu Bingheng pointed out that compared with China, Germany and the United States, Germany's industrial advantages lie in excellent quality, solid foundation and rigorous technology; The advantages of the United States lie in social innovation, high-tech advantages, and the integration of global resources and elites; China's important advantages lie in its relatively complete industrial system, huge domestic demand market and abundant human resources

he believes that in the face of our phased gap, China needs to catch up and leap forward at the same time, and must play a scientific and powerful regulatory role of the government, pool limited social resources, and do a good job in collaborative innovation. For the absence of common technologies in China at present, innovative ideas are needed to build national innovation centers

in this regard, China can refer to the establishment of scientific research institutions in Germany and the establishment of manufacturing innovation networks in the United States to build large supermarkets. If 2000 large plastic bag method paths are sold in one day, explore the path that is suitable for China's national conditions and can achieve the made in China 2025 task, build a number of innovation centers that can coordinate social innovation resources, provide core technologies and generic technologies for the industry, and avoid the waste of scientific and technological resources and low-level repeated research

in terms of industry university research collaboration, enterprises should become the main body of investment in research and development, application results and integration results. Industry university research forms a growth efficiency cooperation mechanism to mobilize and give play to the innovation enthusiasm of scientific research institutions, personnel and enterprises

in terms of the coordination mechanism of the whole society, we should strengthen the coordination of science and technology plans. According to the technological maturity, all ministries and commissions should work together to form a relay. The national scientific research plan should put standards and basic research first, pay attention to the industrialization of common technologies, and take innovative ideas and invention patents as the basis for evaluation

improve the capital environment of the manufacturing industry in the synergy of finance, technology and industry. At present, the loan interest rate of manufacturing enterprises in China is often% and the net profit of manufacturing enterprises is generally lower than the loan interest rate in China. Guiding financial funds to flow more and faster to the real economy and potential advanced manufacturing industries, strengthening the support of funds for innovation, and making the innovative forces receive financial support in time are important key issues for the smooth implementation of made in China 2025

in terms of talent collaboration, establish correct discipline evaluation standards to guide innovation and engineering ability training. Made in China 2025 also needs to cultivate a group of entrepreneurs and technological leaders in the industrial 4.0 era, who are proficient in manufacturing processes, have interconnected thinking, and can make full use of social innovation resources. An innovative society also needs a large number of makers, geeks, musk like figures, strong scientific interest and strong desire for innovation

3D printing has become a strategic highland of manufacturing industry

the main direction and driving technology of made in China 2025 is to develop intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing is mainly composed of industrial interconnection and bottom intelligence. Among them, the bottom intelligence mainly includes robots, intelligent manufacturing equipment and 3D printing

Lu Bingheng believes that if robots are today's technology, 3D printing is a technology that will have a more profound impact on today, tomorrow, and even the day after tomorrow. 3D printing manufacturing has the following characteristics and advantages:

it supports rapid product development. 3D printing is directly driven by design data. It does not need the production preparation such as tooling, fixture and mold manufacturing necessary for traditional manufacturing, and the programming is simple. It is particularly convenient in product innovation design and design verification

material saving manufacturing, 3D printing belongs to additive manufacturing, only stacking materials where needed, and the material utilization rate is close to 100%. For example, large and complex structural parts such as aerospace adopt traditional cutting processing, and 95%-97% of expensive materials are often removed

personalized manufacturing can realize one-piece manufacturing quickly and at low cost, making the cost of one-piece manufacturing close to batch manufacturing. It is especially suitable for personalized medical treatment and high-end medical devices. Such as artificial bone, surgical model, orthopedic navigation template, etc

remanufacture, which is used to repair the remanufacture of worn parts, such as aircraft engine blades, steel rolling mill rolls, etc., and obtain extra value at very little cost. It has special advantages in the field manufacturing of ordnance, ocean going ships, offshore drilling platforms, and even space stations

open up a new space for innovative design, which can manufacture structures that cannot be achieved by traditional manufacturing technology, and provide a very large innovation space for design innovation. The products assembled by dozens, hundreds or even more parts can be manufactured at one time, which greatly simplifies the manufacturing process and saves the manufacturing and assembly costs. The redesign of products and equipment from the perspective of new 3D printing technology may be the greatest benefit that 3D printing has brought to Chinese plastic machine enterprises in the manufacturing industry by expanding the opening up of emerging markets for extruders in recent years

3d printing has become the most popular tool for makers, which will effectively promote public innovation and entrepreneurship. Ge released a message on, challenging 3D printing to let makers design a part of the aircraft. The first one completed all the tests with only 1/6 of the weight of the original structure, and the designer was a 19-year-old young man. Amazon uses the Internet to sell 3D printing products, with a turnover of billions of dollars and a profit of 30%. Therefore, Internet +3d printing = the best technical way for innovation and entrepreneurship

Chuang Cai, 3D printing has produced a high-temperature alloy with a temperature resistance of 3315 ℃, which is used in dragon spaceship 2. The required energy-saving transformation goal of the old house has greatly enhanced the thrust of the spaceship. Using the concentrated energy of 3D printing high-energy beam and using 3D printing equipment as the development and verification platform of the material genome project, various excellent materials with ultra-high strength, ultra-high toughness, ultra-high temperature resistance and ultra-high wear resistance can be developed, and additive manufacturing has become a material creation technology

genesis is applied to tissue scaffold manufacturing, cell printing and other technologies to realize the manufacturing of bioactive organs and create life in a certain sense. It serves life science research and human health

material creation and creation will undoubtedly bring great disruptive changes to material science and technology, life science and medical technology, and manufacturing industry. We need to make a layout now and strive to seize this strategic highland. Lu Bingheng said

current situation and breakthrough direction of 3D printing in China

according to Lu Bingheng, at present, China is in the forefront of international research in 3D printing, such as the number of papers and patents in the world. In terms of application, the installed capacity of industrial equipment in China is the fourth in the world, but the commercial equipment of metal printing and the key components of domestic industrial equipment still mainly rely on imports. The research on industrial 3D printing materials has just started. In addition to a small amount of materials developed by individual companies with strong R & D capabilities, 3D printing materials basically rely on imports

he said that 3D printing is a technology that has a significant impact on the national strategic position and future scientific and Technological Development from both quality and quantity. 3D printing technology is in a technology blowout period, the initial stage of the industry, and the stage of enclosure for enterprises

in terms of the speed of industrial development, our development is too slow. There are two largest 3D printing companies in the United States, with a scale of nearly US $1billion this year. Our enterprise is basically a school run enterprise, with an output value of more than 100 million yuan at most. Now imported equipment is aggressively attacking the Chinese market, metal printing equipment, and foreign countries implement the integrated bundling sales of materials, software, equipment and technology. China must develop core technologies and original technologies, and build its own innovation chain and industrial chain

the arbitrariness of 3D printing has opened up a huge space for innovative design of products and equipment, and will bring huge benefits to all industries. Lu Bingheng suggested that China should pay close attention to the research of standards. The data standards of 3D printing may affect both equipment and application. In terms of aviation parts and high-end medical devices, we should actively study the access standards for 3D printing personalized manufacturing products, so as to facilitate the application of new technologies. In addition, we should strengthen basic research, develop original technology, and have innovative technology in the research and development of new materials for 3D printing, and significantly improve the quality and efficiency of prints; We should establish an innovation system to provide enterprises with core technology and common technology; We should overcome key core devices and build an industrial chain; We should guide financial capital, help 3D printing enterprises become bigger and stronger, and form several enterprises with international competitive scale

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