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Made in China 2025 plan strongly promotes intelligent manufacturing

there is a long way to go, and made in China 2025 is finally coming! Li Keqiang, premier of the State Council of Chinese Mainland, put forward the concept of made in China 2025 last month, which has attracted much attention under the background that it will take several years for the mainland manufacturing industry to face the pressure of upgrading and transformation. According to the economic information daily, the relevant plans will be announced in the near future, focusing on the development of intelligent manufacturing

the report quoted informed sources that the made in China 2025 plan has been submitted to the State Council of China and is expected to be officially announced in the near future. It is reported that the plan will vigorously promote the "intelligent manufacturing" which is highly expected by all walks of life. Its goal is to use information technology to promote the digital and intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry in the mainland

the Ministry of industry and information technology of China said that intelligent manufacturing will take the lead in promoting six major areas, including smart factory processes, discrete manufacturing, new smart manufacturing mode represented by customization and e-commerce, smart equipment and products, and smart management. What should we pay attention to, including 3D? Plastic tensile testing machine generally tests plastics in 23 sub fields, including tensile strength and modulus mapping, cloud manufacturing, e-commerce and logistics management

the Ministry of industry and information technology pointed out that the goal of the development of intelligent manufacturing has been established, that is, through pilot demonstration, to improve the autonomy of key smart parts, equipment and systems, and to improve the level of products, production processes and management services. In view of the above status, the author believes that the following adjustments should be made: to preliminarily shape the smart manufacturing system and public service platform

the Ministry of industry and information technology also clearly put forward the expected goals, hoping that through the above pilot demonstration, the operating cost will be reduced by 20%, the product development cycle will be shortened by 20%, the production efficiency will be increased by 20%, the product defect rate will be reduced by 10%, and the energy utilization rate will be increased by 4%

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at present, all walks of life generally regard made in China 2025 as the Chinese version of industry 4.0, and intelligent manufacturing is the key to promote the integration of information and industry. Boshi fund report believes that the core technology of the manufacturing industry in the mainland needs to be improved and the technical standards need to be unified, and "intelligent manufacturing" will be the catalyst for transformation and upgrading

in addition, made in China 2025 is also expected to focus on the development of information technology, tool machines and robots, aerospace, electric power, new materials, biomedicine and high-performance medical machinery, agricultural machinery and other 10 fields. Experts said that the above fields should be combined with high-tech industry and modern manufacturing industry, in line with the development goal of "intelligent manufacturing"

the concept of intelligent manufacturing was first proposed by Japanese industry in the 1990s, and later generally refers to the production mode of using information technology to improve production efficiency. In recent years, with the development and maturity of international road, mobile, 3D printing and other technologies, the concept of intelligent manufacturing has become richer

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