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"Made in China 2025", an ongoing "1+x" planning system for the future, has been released. This marks the "1+x" planning system of "made in China 2025" has been released with the issuance of the "manufacturing talent development planning guide". This marks the basic completion of the top-level design of "made in China 2025". And entered the implementation stage

"implementing 'made in China 2025' is a major strategic deployment made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and it is also the first ten-year action program for China to achieve the strategic goal of building a strong manufacturing country." Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, said at the meeting of the fifth session of the 12th National People's Congress recently, "the fundamental purpose of implementing this strategy is to accelerate China's industrial transformation and upgrading and meet the domestic market demand for various equipment and industrial products."

The implementation of the plan represents that China's manufacturing industry has entered a very critical stage. The rising cost of manufacturing industry leads to the hollowing out of national industry, which is already common in developed countries. At present, the global macro-economy is not good, and the high labor cost is an insurmountable barrier for developed countries to relocate the manufacturing industry and create employment and consumption. Therefore, traditional manufacturing powers such as Germany put forward the concept of "industry 4.0". The core is to develop AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and replace a large number of human labor with automated and intelligent industrial robots, so as to get rid of the disadvantage of high labor cost. Your manufacturing cost is lower than that of new market countries, and the manufacturing industry will naturally move back

this is why China needs to propose "made in China 2025"

many people here will fall into a misunderstanding. Since both industry 4.0 and made in China 2025 want to replace a large number of human labor with intelligent production, will it not cause more working people to lose their jobs? How can it promote employment

let's take the United States as an example. Trump has always said to let the U.S. manufacturing industry return since he took office, which has indeed had an effect. For example, Ford and Toyota, who originally wanted to build factories in Mexico, built factories in the United States. For example, Cao Dewang, who was widely heard in China last year, built a factory in the United States. Even trump threatened apple with high tariffs, trying to relocate China's apple assembly business to the United States

but in fact, before Trump came to power, the labor market in the United States was very close to the state of full employment. In 2016, the average unemployment rate in the United States remained around 4.8, and the hourly wage growth rate was also considerable. Even Cao Dewang complained about the local labor situation after the establishment of the factory that "it is too difficult to recruit workers, so I can only recruit people of my age (70 years old)"

this also reflects an embarrassing situation prevailing in developed countries. The manufacturing industry has moved back. Do you really have so many working age people? The aging population and fewer children have reduced the working population in developed countries, resulting in the inability to recruit suitable workers, which is also one of the reasons for the high labor costs in developed countries

so don't think that Germany absorbs so many refugees purely for charity. Most of the refugees are young people in their teens and twenties. Absorbing these people is beneficial to improving the population structure of the country. This is also the reason why Trump's immigration restriction policy was so severely opposed that he "circled around" and then returned to Anqing. "Without immigration, no one will work when you move the factory back. In terms of population structure, the United States is relatively good, but it still needs immigration, and the aging of Europe and Japan is more serious

in developed countries, the situation of our domestic labor force is actually not optimistic. The post-80s and post-90s generation is the main force of society at present, and this generation is also the first generation born after the implementation of family planning. That is, from this generation, the young working population began to decrease gradually, and the social population structure presented a pear shaped state

by 2025, people born in 90 will be 35 years old, and people born in 00 will also be 25 years old. Our most advantageous demographic dividend will soon disappear. Before we get rich, we have to face the problems of aging and the relocation of manufacturing industries. The so-called "middle-income trap". Therefore, we urgently need to transform the manufacturing industry and supply side reform. Finally, we need a Chinese version of industry 4.0

this is "made in China 2025"

of course, almost all transformations and changes are accompanied by pain. Both "made in China 2025" and "industry 4.0" take AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology as the core, and use machines to replace a large number of low-end artificial jobs. However, it does not necessarily mean that a large number of working people are unemployed. However, a large number of people with low academic qualifications or unable to quickly learn new knowledge and skills will be eliminated. Intelligent manufacturing factories also need people to operate, and this change will force the improvement of the quality of the manufacturing workforce. But correspondingly, He always said in an interview for him: "this is an unprecedented initiative in the industry. The extremely low salary and welfare of Chinese blue collar workers, which we criticize, will also be greatly improved.

production efficiency has been improved, and employees' wages have been higher. However, due to the reduction of overall labor costs, the profits of the enterprise have been higher, and the price of products has been cheaper. Just like Charlie and the chocolate factory, one of my favorite movies." The father of a small and medium-sized boy originally thought that he would lose his job after the candy factory bought more automatic equipment. He didn't expect to lose his job after the equipment was bought. Instead, his salary was higher and his work was easier. The family no longer had to starve in a crooked little house

this is the benefit of technological innovation to grass-roots workers

of course, "made in China 2025" is more than just technological innovation. With reference to Germany's industry 4.0 plan, the planned future includes a new enterprise management system, product supply mode and new profit distribution mode. What employees need is no longer "diligence and order" but "passion and innovation". The product information of the enterprise is integrated on an intelligent service platform to directly connect with customers, eliminating inefficient layers of dealers, and realizing the direct connection between producers and end consumers... These seemingly futuristic lifestyles can now be realized technically, and the changes it brings will not stop at the technical level

2017 China (Guangzhou) International Robot, intelligent equipment and manufacturing technology exhibition (roboimex) will be grandly opened in Guangzhou China Import and export commodities trading exhibition hall from August 27 to 29, 2017. At that time, the world's cutting-edge production and manufacturing enterprises, buyers and professional audiences from many countries and regions around the world will gather here. At present, the investment attraction work of this exhibition has entered the stage of comprehensive development. The exhibition area will reach 50000 square meters and the exhibition period will last for 3 days. It is expected that the number of visitors will reach 80000. 200 media will carry out an all-round five gold tool torque detection for the exhibition. The equipment has its unique product characteristics: tracking report, the exhibition will display robots and related products, intelligent equipment and high-end products and emerging technologies related to the manufacturing technology industry, Provide a platform for enterprises, sellers and users related to intelligent manufacturing to realize the loading and unloading of samples at home and abroad, build roboimex into the most influential brand exhibition of robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition in South China, and become a grand event to promote the revolutionary process of made in China 2025

in my eyes, "made in China 2025" represents an exciting and happening future

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