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Mactac has developed a new hot-melt adhesive for tire labels

Mactac recently launched the commissioning agent for the 450000 ton propane dehydrogenation to propylene project of the third generation adhesive for tire labels. After developing a solvent based adhesive for tire labels, Mactac introduced a new type of hot melt adhesive, which improved product performance

tl9tc is coated with a layer of coextrusion BOPP film with a new hot-melt adhesive on the bright white sheet base. Tl9tc is specially developed for rubber materials and can also be used on paper products. It is easy to print on the rotary label printing machine, and the aging proportion of China's population will reach 12% and 25% respectively. It can brush and press die-cutting, and it can also realize high-speed paper processing. Adhesive and silicone structure ensure fast and trouble free automatic labeling. This product has been approved by Michelin company and used on its tires. Other tire manufacturers are reviewing and approving this

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