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Guinness: security guards strive for efficiency, making a new leap in the high-altitude operation mode

Guinness: security guards strive for efficiency, making a new leap in the high-altitude operation mode

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Western China International Expo City, referred to as Xibo City, is located in the east of Chengdu Tianfu Central Park, Tianfu new area and qinhuangsi central business center in the new planning area. It has five exhibition halls and one multi-function hall. The total investment is expected to be 20billion yuan. The first phase of the project will be completed in early June next year to completely eliminate the air in the hydraulic universal experimental oil pump. At that time, it will become the largest international convention and Exhibition Center in Western China, and the permanent site of the Western China International Expo and the Western China International Cooperation Forum The major core project of Tianfu new area is a large-scale government exhibition venue and a large-scale high-rise business activity center platform

it is safer and more efficient than the traditional high-altitude operation scheme

in order to reflect the specialization and internationalization of Xibo City, the copper alloy functional new material produced by Guoliang copper materials of Xibo city has been awarded the certificate of "the most Guinness in the world (the most conductivity of copper alloy in China)". It will adhere to the progressiveness and forward-looking design concept, adopt reinforced concrete frame structure, and adopt pipe truss frame structure for the roof. With a construction area of nearly 6000 square meters, the Western China International Expo City has become the largest steel structure project in Asia. Such a high standard reinforced concrete frame structure involves large-scale high-altitude operation, spraying of a large number of fireproof materials for steel structure columns, indoor decoration and laying of fire pipes and pipelines, circuits and wires. At the same time, it also has special requirements for construction quality and efficiency. Therefore, the construction technology of Xibo City has been challenged. At the initial stage of the project, the contractor proposed the scheme of using scaffold for installation. However, the safety of scaffold operation is too low to meet the safety standards of the project, and the work efficiency is too low to meet the expectations of work arrangement, so the scaffold operation scheme can only be shelved

at this time, Guinness aerial work platform pointed a bright way for the construction of Xibo city. The steel structure columns in the venue are about 35 meters high, and the roof area is 300000 square meters. The quantities are large, and there are certain requirements for the stability of the construction. Therefore, genie whose working range is between 27m and 35m? S?- 80 and genie? S?- 105 self propelled straight arm aerial work platform can effectively improve the productivity under this working condition, and Guinness straight arm aerial work platform has excellent horizontal extension ability. The rotatable self-adjusting platform can help operators accurately locate the working point, so it is especially suitable for a large number of wall column painting construction work involved in Xibo city and the installation of roof drainage system and external wall insulation layer. "Guinness's climbing ability is also amazing. According to the custom report of the truck line: clicking the" custom report "button to drive the designed gradient is no problem for Guinness aerial work platform. Workers can drive it directly to the upstairs for construction, which saves the trouble of arranging other equipment to lift equipment and saves a lot of man hours." The project leader of the aerial work platform leasing company praised it. "After using the Gini aerial work platform, the construction efficiency has been significantly improved, which is 30% higher than that of the previous construction scheme using scaffolding."

through the use of Guinness aerial work platform and active communication with equipment leasing company, Xibo city has officially entered the construction stage of aerial work platform since June this year and will run through the whole project. At present, the project is at the peak stage in the medium term, with a maximum of more than 100 sets used to help realize and create a "high standard, high starting point and high innovation" Xibo city. "In the medium term, the aerial work platform will be mainly used for the spraying of fire-proof materials for steel structure columns. In the later stage, the aerial work platform will be widely used for the installation of control curtain wall in the main entrance hall, interior decoration and the installation of fire pipeline and circuit wires." The project leader of the aerial work platform leasing company said, "Traditional aerial work tools such as mobile scaffolds and engineering 'airships' have always had obvious defects in safety management and overall structure, so the accident rate is very high. Now, in the construction site of Xibo City, these equipment have been replaced by the Guinness aerial work platform with a much higher safety factor. It is inevitable that this kind of construction equipment with a high safety factor will replace the traditional and backward construction equipment."

Guinness aerial work platform will help the whole construction process of Xibo city

"aerial work platform is relatively unfamiliar to most ordinary construction workers who are used to using traditional aerial work tools. They are skeptical about the operability of aerial work platform and believe that there should be a special person to drive the equipment, and they only need to be responsible for spraying work, so as to make the process more safe and convenient." Said the project leader of the aerial work platform leasing company. Aerial work platform leasing companies have also encountered challenges in operator training. However, after the guidance and communication and the rigorous training process from theory to practice, the workers quickly learned to drive the aerial work platform, remembered every safety point, and obtained the operation certificate issued by the aerial work platform leasing company. In order to make the operators more proficient and convenient in the equipment they use, all the aerial work platforms on the construction site are specially assigned persons and vehicles

when Guinness aerial work platform is really used, workers will realize the advantages of aerial work platform. During the construction process, the aerial work platform effectively improves the work efficiency and is far safer than the traditional aerial work platform. Common steel structure scaffolds must be more than 30cm away from the wall. Therefore, it is often necessary to tilt the body to spray the wall smoothly during coating, which will affect the body balance and make workers feel insecure. The aerial work platform fully takes into account the safety issues in terms of details, which makes people feel at ease in operation and greatly improves work efficiency. The stability of the aerial work platform greatly shortens the working time. The work that originally required a whole day can be successfully completed in just a few hours, which is unmatched by traditional aerial work tools, such as scaffolding, hanging baskets, etc. In this way, the original unfamiliar aerial work platform has become the first choice for aerial work trusted by construction workers. Guinness aerial work platform will continue to shine on the construction site of Western China International Expo City, throughout the whole construction process, and help to build the largest convention and Exhibition Center in central and Western China

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