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On November 1 last year, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of customs, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine jointly issued the roadmap for phasing out incandescent lamps in China, requiring that from October 1 this year, the import and sale of incandescent lamps of 100 watts and above for general lighting should be prohibited, and an in-depth interview was conducted on the effect of the prohibition after a period of time

there are 100 watt bulbs available in the supermarket

first, go to the community supermarket in your residential area and ask if there are 100 watt incandescent lamps. "Yes, 200 watts." The supermarket owner came to a row of shelves with enthusiasm. The two cartons were filled with 100 watt and 200 watt incandescent bulbs respectively. There was a lot of dust on the bulb. I picked up one and wiped off the dust stains. Sure enough, I saw the mark of 200 watts

when the state banned the sale of incandescent lamps of more than 100 watts, the supermarket owner said: "yes, but no one cares now. It seems that no one cares for the time being."

asked if the goods could still be delivered. "No problem now." The supermarket owner said affirmatively, "my batch is the previous inventory. It's not much. If you want more, I can buy it for you. It's certainly no problem now."

to sum up the situation of this supermarket, the boss knew about the incandescent lamp prohibition order, but no one checked it. At present, incandescent lamps are available, and the purchase channel is smooth

I went to a small supermarket in another community, and also found that there were high-power incandescent lamps on sale, both 100 watt and 200 Watt

the female boss said reluctantly, "it's not easy to sell. This batch of bulbs were purchased in February this year, and there are still a lot of them. No one buys them when we have a serious surplus of output. We can't sell them after we sell them." The female boss was completely unaware of the fact that the state banned the sale of incandescent lamps of more than 100 watts

there is no problem with production and purchase.

in the sales terminal, high-power incandescent lamps are still available. How about ordering and wholesaling 100 watt incandescent lamps in the production and distribution link? Contacted a salesman of Zhejiang Haining MengHui Lighting Co., Ltd

"it can be produced. There is no problem with 100W and 200W. As long as you place an order, we can arrange production." The salesman gave a positive reply that the manufacturing technology of the lithium battery material was at the leading level in China

"order production? I only need a few hundred." Hearing that it was order production, I didn't dare ask how to sell dozens of them. I quickly said a large number

"only a few hundred?" The salesman was puzzled and asked, "we need at least sevenoreight thousand bulbs for a batch of orders. You can't use the machine with this quantity..."

asked about the price. The salesman told that if you don't need an invoice, including the freight from Haining to Beijing, "A60 bulbs can be used for watts, and the price is 0.95 yuan. A70 bulbs must be used for more than 150 watts, and the average price is 1.3 yuan."

asked if he knew that incandescent lamps above 100 watts had been banned. The salesman smiled and said, "of course, we know that we are in this industry. However, the ban is on import and sales. We have no problem producing and shipping them to you. As for how you sell them, we don't know."

"Oh, will your production of incandescent lamps also be banned? Sell the lamps you produce to me. Isn't this sales?" Ask again

"impossible!" The salesman replied, "Let me tell you, in 2010, China's incandescent lamp output and domestic sales were 3.85 billion and 1.07 billion respectively, which means that domestically produced incandescent lamps are mainly used for export. For example, our products are mainly sold to the Middle East and Africa, and only some decorative lamps are needed in rural areas and construction sites, which is only a tiny part. It is impossible to ban production. How can such a huge export industry be banned because of a small problem?"

"as for sales, we don't count. You want me to send it to you. As I said just now, our products are manufactured for export. Even if they are sent to you now, you can sell them abroad. It's entirely your business to sell them in China. I can't know. Are you right?" The salesman smiled and said, "if you really want to purchase, how to pass the inspection is your own business."

"so this problem is very complicated." Yaoxiaoqin, a senior member of the wind energy professional committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, said after the experiment that the handle should not be loosened: "the production of incandescent lamps is a huge industry, and it is impossible for you to ban them completely. It is very difficult to supervise whether they will be exported or sold domestically. In addition, the publicity and supervision of eliminating incandescent lamps are not enough, so it is quite difficult to implement the ban on high-power incandescent lamps."

energy saving lamps and lanterns should be excellent themselves

"legally speaking, incandescent lamps with more than 100 watts should be taken off the shelves now, and the industrial and commercial departments can enforce the law." Mengxiangan, vice president of the China Renewable Energy Society, said, "high power can further improve the VOC performance of the whole vehicle. Incandescent lamps are rarely sold in cities, mainly in some small shops, and in rural areas, because incandescent lamps are cheap."

"for the society, the energy-saving effect of LED lamps and energy-saving lamps is obvious, but for residential users, their energy-saving effect is not obvious enough, so there is market space for incandescent lamps." Meng Xiangan said

"a very important point is that the energy-saving lamp is not awesome enough." Yaoxiaoqin said in a tone that he hated iron but not steel. "I support the elimination of incandescent lamps, because it plays a very practical role in China's energy conservation and emission reduction strategy, but energy-saving lamps are really not awesome."

"take my family for example. I use energy-saving lamps, but I usually prepare a dozen for standby. It won't take long. I don't know when it won't light up." Speaking of this, yaoxiaoqin was obviously very critical. "Not long ago, my lamp suddenly broke down. I wanted to find a spare energy-saving lamp, but I couldn't find it for a long time. At that time, I really wanted to change an incandescent lamp. It was cheap and easy to use, and it didn't waste much electricity."

"did you change the incandescent lamp at last?" Ask

"finally, I found the energy-saving lamp and installed it." Yaoxiaoqin smiled and said, "I think that in the future, when an energy-saving product comes out, there should be a quantitative data to prove whether it is energy-saving or not. Instead of making energy-saving brands as it is now. For example, if the service life of an energy-saving lamp is longer than that of an incandescent lamp, it should be energy-saving. But if the service life of an energy-saving lamp is only 1/3 of that of an incandescent lamp, can the energy consumed and carbon emissions produced by the production of three energy-saving lamps be saved Come on? This requires a data, rather than saying that you are an energy-saving lamp. Even if it is poorly made, even if it will break down after a short time of use, it will certainly save energy. In this way, people do not necessarily buy it, and it is not good for national energy conservation and emission reduction. The key to the elimination of incandescent lamps is that the energy-saving lamps themselves are excellent. If people think it is cost-effective to buy energy-saving lamps, they will not have the living space of incandescent lamps. "

"compared with incandescent lamps, domestic LED lamps and energy-saving lamps are much more expensive, which is a problem." The person in charge of a semiconductor Trading Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen said, "the quality problems of energy-saving lamps and LED lighting products and Jerry built products do exist at present. Because of the high cost, the price is expensive; because of the high price, there will be Jerry built price reduction measures, which will eventually lead to poor product quality, which in turn will affect the image of energy-saving lamps."

"in fact, energy-saving lamps are certainly more durable than incandescent lamps, and the energy-saving effect can be trusted." The person in charge said, "however, if there is a quantitative and accurate measurement standard, it is good for the whole industry specification, and it can also make consumers more clearly understand the cost gap between using an incandescent lamp and using an energy-saving lamp, which is good for eliminating incandescent lamps, promoting energy-saving lamps and led lighting. Consumers will naturally choose energy-saving lamps when they see the benefits."

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