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Making money is still the primary focus on the needs of users to develop local brand trucks

making money is still the primary focus on the needs of users to develop local brand trucks

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recently, both enterprise managers, truck users, senior observers in the industry and scholars in Colleges and universities are emphasizing one thing: in China, the attributes of trucks have not changed, and the ultimate goal of buying a car is to make money. From the very beginning, the attributes of trucks are means of production and labor tools

no matter how the truck develops today, its attribute has never changed. It is a money making tool. Lactic acid oligosaccharides (PLA) is a popular green high molecular material in the field of bio based and biodegradable research in recent years. Whoever can make more money from the excess capacity of middle and low-end cathode materials, is expected to seize more market share

xumin, assistant president of Shanghai Jiaotong University and President of Automotive Engineering Research Institute, made the author think deeply. He said that in developed countries in Europe and the United States, trucks are regarded as personal assets. The first thing many users do after buying a car may be to decorate their car. The decorated cab is like a warm room. In China, most truck drivers are farmers' brothers. Their economic conditions are poor. After purchasing a new car equipped with excellent R & D resources, they try their best to make money. After making enough money, they change to a new car and continue to try their best to pull goods. This cycle has been endless for generations. After making such a comparison, Xu Min said: "you should not only pay attention to the car, but also pay attention to the truck driver."

although the overall survival of Chinese truck drivers is slowly improving, I still feel with emotion after hearing this: I look forward to the day when the national economy can develop better, and the mission entrusted by the people to trucks is no longer just a money making machine

in spite of the above differences between Chinese and Western truck users, it is well known that one manufacturer has prospered the market and provided customers with more economical and practical experimental machines. The market share of imported truck brands in China is only about 1%. Taking advantage of the fact that Chinese people do not pay much attention to foreign brand trucks, Chinese brands that are native to China need to be closer to the needs of Chinese users, pay close attention to the potential needs of users, become bigger and stronger at the same time, and then go out of the country with a straight back

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