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With the improvement of automobile processing technology and the presentation of modularization trend, the structure of automobile parts is becoming more and more complex, and the shape also presents a variety of trends. This brings certain difficulties to the product size detection after forming

due to the limited conditions, the traditional size detection method for auto parts can only be used manually. Professional inspectors hold micrometers and other measuring tools to measure the size of various parts of the product. However, because the shape of auto parts is very complex, there are often dozens of measuring points on a product, so it takes a lot of time to measure a product, and there are problems such as low measurement efficiency, low sampling accuracy, low sampling frequency, data omission and manual input errors. At the same time, this kind of measurement is not suitable for modern management, and can not deal with the real-time data processing and data supervision

in the production of an automobile parts manufacturer in Shenyang, they adopted the ACF automatic inspection tool with the baomeng txg13 Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera as the inspection core, which effectively solved this problem. This machine vision inspection system is an automatic machine vision measurement system that makes full use of the high flexibility function of the six axis industrial robot and carries out non-contact dimension measurement through the laser displacement sensor and the baomeng industrial camera. It has the characteristics of fast measurement speed, high reliability and high measurement accuracy, which greatly accelerates the forming detection speed of products

according to the statistics of an auto parts manufacturer in Shenyang, a CCB support with 71 measuring points can complete all measurement tasks within less than 3 minutes of using the ACF automatic inspection tool

in this ACF automatic inspection tool, the txg13 Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera of baomeng plays an unimaginable role. The resolution of 13921040 pixels, the image data acquisition speed of 20 full frames per second, the CCD with exview sensitivity improvement technology and the low efficiency of Gigabit Ethernet interface make this camera popular

if we can find similar cameras in the market with the same accuracy, high frame rate and outstanding image quality, the most outstanding feature of this camera is that it can still be used for a long time. 6. Adjust the active needle and passive needle to zero and always maintain the measurement accuracy stably. This is what baomeng industrial camera has always insisted on, By ensuring the stability of camera image acquisition and excellent image linearity, the trouble of system maintenance is saved for customers. Lizhiyong, sales manager of baomeng vision technology, said that various production equipment, servo systems, motors, etc. at the scene of the auto parts production workshop will generally produce strong interference once they operate, and most cameras will have inaccurate measurement data or lose frames. The excellent industrial design of txg13 industrial camera effectively solves this problem

high frame rate, outstanding image quality and easy integration are all the good qualities that baomeng industrial camera has always had. Txg13 industrial camera is an outstanding representative of this good quality. Lizhiyong said that in view of the noisy operating environment at the industrial site, the txg13 industrial camera adopts a very advanced electronic design concept and physical structural processing, so that the product has strong stability and anti-interference ability from the chip to the shell, and can stably ensure the accuracy of image acquisition in practical applications for a long time

at the same time, baomeng industrial camera is also carefully designed in terms of temperature control. Relying on the compact aluminum CCD core and special heat dissipation design, it effectively ensures the very long normal service life of the product and long-term stable measurement results

in actual inspection, the camera plays an important role in product imaging and data acquisition. Lizhiyong said that for the selection of photographic objects, this industrial camera is almost faultless and can detect all kinds of sheet metal 4 Computer output results: profile of parts, injection molded parts, paint parts, leather parts and other products 4.2.4 metal data decadent crack growth rate (da/dn) test fixture and accessories: the following sample test requirements shall be met: sample size B (thickness) × W (width): 20 × 80mm, positional degree, etc. even for high reflective surface and transparent workpiece, txg13 industrial camera can complete the task well

The extensive detection capability of txg13 industrial camera also promotes the wide use of machine vision measurement system such as automatic inspection tool. Lizhiyong explained that every auto parts manufacturer often has production and testing needs for a variety of parts and components. ACF automatic inspection tool has been favored by more and more auto parts manufacturers because of its powerful general performance and reliable efficiency

in fact, there is still great potential for the application of industrial cameras in product detection. Lizhiyong said that not only the auto parts industry, but also electronics, semiconductors, 3C, railways and research institutes have strong demand, and the next step of baomeng industrial camera products is to continuously promote them to these industries. With the excellent quality and good reputation among users, I believe that baomeng industrial camera will bring more successful experiences to more users

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