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From the perspective of sharing communication, virtual operators can expand users in the industry.

faced with a mobile communication market share of up to 92%, virtual operators must have many difficulties in continuing to expand the individual user market. For this reason, industry experts have come up with a good recipe for differentiated operation and breaking through the industry market, which has also reached a consensus among many virtual operators

however, developing industry users is not easy. Highly similar to the communication needs of individual users, operators can use more unified services to meet the needs. The difference is that the needs of industrial users will vary due to the size, field and development stage of the enterprise, which makes it difficult for operators to quickly obtain scale effects with unified services. It is necessary to subdivide the target market, master user characteristics and provide targeted services

in this process, virtual chambers of Commerce encounter the following problems: which target users are they focusing on? How to enter the market? What kind of featured services are provided? Everything needs to be explored. At present, virtual operators are still exploring the way

recently, sharecom released its communication service scheme jointly launched by financial institutions for small and micro enterprises. Therefore, sharecom has become the first virtual operator to launch a clear industry market scheme

why aim at small and micro enterprises

it is reported that this plan includes a series of communication services suitable for enterprises to realize internal and external communication and external response at low cost and high efficiency, such as enterprise switchboard, conference and customer service seats. At the same time, it also includes the efficient experience brought by mobile financial support. Like capital credit, it solves the basic survival and business development problems of small and micro enterprises. Summarizing the service, o2o, with financial institutions, small and micro enterprises and capital flow plus communication flow, has become a feature

why borrow financial institutions? Yuhongze, vice president of the sharing communication mobile finance research institute, explained that this is closely related to the accumulation of sharing communication in the past. Before obtaining the mobile resale business license, sharecom, as a communication system integrator and solution provider, has already provided services to financial enterprises. In this process, it has carried out extensive cooperation with banks, securities and insurance companies and established a good cooperative relationship. The borrowing of financial institutions is also a mining of existing resources

why choose small and micro enterprises instead of large and medium-sized enterprises? Yu Hongze said that this is also a business opportunity found by sharing communications in the long-term dealings with financial institutions. In China, although large state-owned enterprises contribute a lot to GDP, small and medium-sized enterprises account for an absolute majority in number, accounting for more than 95% of all enterprises at present. Most of these enterprises are private enterprises, which generally have the problems of difficult and expensive financing; On the bank side, with the liberalization of the credit market and the recession of the real estate market, they also hope to develop more viscous products and develop more high-quality customers. Naturally, small and medium-sized enterprises will not give up easily

then, what is the product with strong stickiness for small and micro enterprises? In addition to the strong demand for capital, any enterprise has communication needs. For enterprise users, communication is not as simple as fighting. Both intra enterprise and trunk lines have to be deployed. These are unbearable burdens for small and micro enterprises. For example, if a small and micro enterprise with only a few dozen people needs to rent office buildings, decorate, install switchboard, trunk line and weak current generic cabling, it may be difficult to open without a million yuan after this series of preliminary work. Yu Zehong said

this is the market opportunity seen by the sharing communication. How to correct the electronic universal machine? Using the shared enterprise switchboard business can realize the mobile group. All numbers can be integrated under one switchboard. The internal calls of the enterprise are free, and there are many conference and customer management functions. Yu Zehong said

users have the same demand for credit and communication. The effective combination of the two is provided to users, which meets the needs of the bank and is also an opportunity to share communication. It is reported that the sharing communication has been coordinated and communicated with ICBC, Bank of China, Beijing Rural Commercial Bank, etc

service area or toll station

let's take a look at the development strategies of virtual operators in the industry market. At present, China has issued 25 mobile transfer licenses for experimental instruments and equipment with broad prospects, and the competition in the virtual operation market is fierce. Under such circumstances, in order to expand the situation as soon as possible, virtual operators must not start from scratch in a baseless market, but must combine existing resources and advantages to shorten the market start period as far as possible

in terms of the industrial market, virtual businesses should not only solve the problems mentioned above, but also try to avoid the positive competition between operators, which Washington State University recently announced. The cake of industrial users has already attracted the attention of basic operators. The three operators have set up government and enterprise customer branches or customer collection departments, aiming at this market. In the face of huge basic operators, virtual operators must first achieve differentiated operation in the target market. This is necessary for the survival of virtual operators. It is also the expectation of the Ministry of industry and information technology to open the telecommunications market for virtual operators. It complements the basic operators and serves the markets where the basic operators have no energy to worry about

there are many users in the enterprise market, which also has the characteristics of the long tail market. The basic operators generally expand large-scale customers first, and they have not enough energy to take into account the small and micro enterprises in the long tail. To this end, virtual businesses can focus on small and micro enterprises, and give full play to their characteristics of flexible system and easy turnaround as private enterprises to meet the personalized needs of small and micro enterprises. In this regard, it is reported that the sharing communication has achieved that enterprises with 100 employees can also provide customized services, which is unlikely to be achieved in basic operators by 2020

in addition, virtual operators also need to make great efforts in featured services. Because voice, SMS and data are standard products, virtual merchants rent the network of basic operators, and the service quality is determined by the network of basic operators, so it is more difficult to make obvious differences in quality. Therefore, only basic services can provide value-added services with distinctive differences

it is reported that at present, the services launched by sharing communication for small and micro enterprises mainly cover communication business. In the future, it is planned to develop platform level products, establish a communication mechanism between enterprises and banks, solve the problem of information asymmetry, and improve the speed and efficiency of lending

a vivid metaphor for this is that the basic operators have built expressways, and through the establishment of toll stations (charging for basic services), they can recover costs and obtain benefits; However, virtual operators can no longer follow the old path of basic operators to establish toll stations, but they can differentiate from basic operators by establishing service areas and improving highway service quality, and establish their own characteristic survival mode

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