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Enhance the people's sense of ecological environment acquisition date: Source: China Environment News the Party group of Jiangsu Provincial Department of ecological environment recently issued a notice to deploy the province's ecological environment system to carry out a special activity to improve the people's sense of acquisition by focusing on the ecological and environmental problems strongly reflected by the people in the theme education of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind", so as to promote the implementation of theme education, Ensure solid results

the Communist Party of China adheres to the idea of taking the people as the center. In the work of ecological environment protection, adhering to the people-centered principle means adhering to the concept of environmental protection for the people, environmental protection benefits the people and environmental protection benefits the people, focusing on solving the outstanding problems around the people, striving to improve the quality of the ecological environment, constantly providing high-quality ecological products, meeting the people's growing needs for a beautiful ecological environment, and building a solid ecological environment foundation for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation

the primary political task at present is to carry out the theme education of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission firmly in mind"; Fighting a tough battle of pollution prevention and control is the main responsibility and main business of the ecological environment department. Focusing on the special activities of focusing on the rectification of ecological and environmental problems strongly reflected by the masses and enhancing the sense of gain of the masses, and combining the two closely is an effective way to prevent the disconnection between theme education and actual work and the phenomenon of "two skins". The "gold content" of theme education should be tested through the sense of gain of the masses

according to the requirements of the national standard gb/t17761 (1) 999 test method for strength of cement mortar, the most hated, dissatisfied and strongly reflected eco-environmental problems of the masses can be divided into two categories: one is environmental pollution and ecological damage, that is, objective environmental problems that affect the quality of life of the masses; The other is inaction, slow action and disorderly action in environmental management and environmental services, that is, the work style, Party style and practice that affect the subjective feelings of the masses. Both these two kinds of problems should be rectified. We should not only make the people feel more gain in solving environmental problems and improving environmental quality, but also make the people feel more gain in the quality services of the ecological environment system

the author believes that the following problems should be solved in a down-to-earth manner: the ecological environment problems complained and reported by the masses; Weak service awareness, inaction and slow action; Law enforcement is not standardized and law enforcement is not popularized; The problem of "one size fits all" in case of inaction at ordinary times and urgency; The relationship between government and business is unclear, and "flies are greedy and ants are corrupt"

with the consciousness of facing problems squarely and the courage of turning the blade inward, we should adhere to the source rectification, systematic rectification and open-door rectification, effectively solve the most urgent, most anxious, most desired, most direct and most realistic outstanding ecological environment problems that the masses are most concerned about, and strive to solve the problems. Implement the project-based promotion, determine the objectives and tasks, define the main body, progress time limit and work measures, and promote the implementation item by item. For the problems that can be solved during the theme education, it is necessary to immediately investigate and correct, immediately know and correct, list and rectify one by one; For those that can not be solved at the moment, we should set stage goals, keep an eye on them, and continue to rectify them. We should not slacken our efforts until the problems are solved, do not let go until they are completely solved, and do not stop until the masses do not recognize them. We should resolutely prevent paper rectification and false rectification. We should win the trust of the people for the actual results of seeking profits for the people and performing our duties for the people, constantly enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness and security, and lay a solid political and mass foundation for the party's governance

around the environmental issues that the masses are most concerned about and how to achieve better results in the theme education, the German zewik company is also the successor of another Amsler company, solving the problems of the masses and judging by the masses. We will carry out "three listening and two asking" in a down-to-earth manner, that is, we will listen to the clients, grass-roots party members and the general public, ask the leading groups and leading cadres for outstanding problems, and ask their opinions and suggestions on improving their work style and work, so as to "salvage" problems through various methods. Advocate the "four no's and two Straights" on-site investigation and Research on the problems reflected by the masses, and listen to the opinions of the masses face to face; Formulate solutions according to different situations, define departments and people, define the standards and time limit for solving problems, and clarify the effect requirements and incentive and disciplinary measures for solving problems; Summarize and accept the situation of problem solving as an important content of theme education summary, annual party building assessment and comprehensive assessment

problems in team building should be solved in a down-to-earth manner. "Environmental problems" include not only objective and realistic environmental problems, but also subjective problems such as work style in environmental supervision services. To rectify problems, we must combine the two and not neglect them. We should adhere to the problem orientation and practice orientation, solve problems with real swords and real guns, resolutely overcome the problems of multiple statements, high standards, few actions and poor implementation, take the deployment as implemented, take the words as overdone, formulate and implement the target list as implemented, do not pay attention, be pragmatic, and do not do our best to implement the decisions and arrangements of the superior, and make perfunctory, superficial, and false rectification of existing problems. We should combine learning with doing, combine investigation with reform, solve all kinds of problems that go against our original intention and mission with a thorough spirit of self revolution, constantly temper our political character, constantly hone our original mission, and strive to achieve the goals of fruitful theoretical study, baptized in ideology and politics, daring to act as entrepreneurs, serving the people and solving problems, and setting an example of honesty and probity. We will further forge an iron army for ecological and environmental protection with excellent style, so that the people can feel the environmental problems around them in a timely manner. We will also feel that the ecological and environmental departments are constantly modifying recycled materials, doing things in a down-to-earth manner, and feel the change of the ecological environment and the change of the style of the ecological environment system in a timely manner

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