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Looking at China's packaging design from an international perspective

[China Packaging News] China's packaging industry is undergoing important changes with the economic development. The economic prosperity has not only changed the social pattern, but also added new impetus to the development of the packaging industry. However, it is still unrealistic for any foreign manufacturer who wants to enter China's packaging market to make great achievements in a short time, Because what they know is totally different from the actual situation. The following is a look at the cigarette packaging market in the world's largest cigarette market

first of all, China's complex understanding of quality is different from our ideas. Quality, in Western standards, is a measure of the best possible outcome. It means 100% meeting the standards set by consumers or companies and minimizing the error. Subjective evaluation or evaluation is based on the desire or need to achieve the best state of technology, and also meet the standards claimed by the company

in western countries, high standard packaging (form, function, material and Technology) has met the needs of consumers. However, most Asians' understanding of quality is not the same

in China, the quality of packaging follows different principles. This is determined by a single entity, and the first consideration is usually changed from the perspective of consumers, industry classification, products and affordable prices. Quality does not mean striving for perfection. There should be an appropriate proportion between cost and profit. Therefore, a company can easily change the quality according to the order and specifications. Most Chinese companies offer their customers a variety of possible packaging options, for example, depending on whether the materials used are local or imported until the sample is damaged. Quality requirements, quality levels and quality awareness are determined flexibly by consumers and producers according to demand and supply

the technical level with uneven participation

has a similar phenomenon in technical application. First and foremost, the breadth of applied technologies in China's production process has been narrowed by the lack of certain technologies. Of course, in both the East and the west, time and capital investment have an impact on the potential market price of a product. However, in China, the final conclusion of these factors is different. Due to the huge difference between the cost of manual and non manual products, a batch of products may be completely packed by machine one day and completely packed by hand the other day. As a result, due to the lack of education system and internal training and education, the quality level of employees in the same industry in China is very different. Therefore, the production results are also very inconsistent

this inevitable situation leads to the extreme ambiguity of technology in the packaging production process. The era of cheap printing flexible packaging made of recycled paper, distorted adhesive layer and non professional printing design has passed in China. Now, the technology used in China's packaging industry is no worse than that of its foreign counterparts. However, there is still a gap between high-quality and low-quality products in the same market, and the diversity of products is unimaginable in the western world

in supermarkets, specialty stores, bazaars and newsstands, the quality of packaging solutions has been improved. Chinese improvisations and Western mechanical products can be seen everywhere, forming a wonderful mixed picture. In the packaging industry, the concept of either or choice in the West collided with the concept of harmony in Asia

significant differences in design

however, quality and the use of multiple technologies are not only two aspects that lead to the difference between Western and Eastern packaging styles. In addition, the type of packaging is not only a modern proof of industry and economic efficiency, but also a symbol of social progress and living standards; They reflect the behavior and taste of customers, and they express a way of life; They are a kind of status symbol, and even have the function of establishing authority

the unique idea makes a simple folding bag a medium of cultural identity, not only because it has amazing creativity, but also because it has a variety of ideas and has produced many designs. Especially with the continuous promotion of new urbanization in China, packaging design has undergone amazing changes in recent years, although the focus is constantly changing

to pursue and understand these developments, one must first look at the design content of western culture. Here, soft colors are mainly used; The symbolic content of the packaging is reduced to the minimum; Computer graphics strengthens the expression of abstract patterns; Perfect language and strong attraction; The design is completely consistent with the product concept; The overall appearance is very consistent with the positioning of specific target groups

in the west, packaging design is not only the excellent design result of well-trained graphic designers, but also reflects the perennial research on the market and skillfully integrates the marketing concept. The focus is on the consistency and integration between packaging and customers

however, in Asia, vivid colors dominate, colorful colors and sometimes even glittering packaging are everywhere; Traditional symbols and concrete images of daily life are used; Words are mainly used to convey information; Design pays attention to emotion; Little attention is paid to a specific target group; It can still be seen from the design works that these packaging designers are classical artists. Of course, design is the embodiment of unique aesthetics. There is no doubt that most Chinese packaging is not only too colorful for the west, but also lack of ideas

great imagination

it is not common to consciously use professional brand image, unique profile and simple design in the competition, and sell through subtle packaging design

Western advertising and marketing experts realize that for many Chinese companies, packaging design as a very effective marketing tool has not been fully utilized

in a country where smoking is regarded as a basic component of culture and an integral part of social activities, cigarette brands are certainly very rich. The traditional Chinese cigarette brand is a kaleidoscope of Chinese culture and art. There is nothing unexpected for Chinese packaging designers. Like a microcosm, these illustrations show all types of Chinese packaging

on a cigarette case, you can find pictures of valleys, waterfalls, strange rocks and bonsai, or wonderful scenery pictures. The impressive architectural monuments, 7-story pagodas, magnificent city archways and magnificent palaces on the cigarette boxes all bear witness to China's long 5000 year culture

strange Chinese animals can also be seen on Chinese cigarette boxes: besides dogs and cats, tigers, rhinoceros, roosters, bulls, butterflies and eagles can be seen, as well as fish and penguins, humped camels and dinosaurs. Mythical animals, such as dragon and Phoenix, make up a variety of cigarette packs. The reason why these animals are popular in Chinese packaging is that their character symbolizes strength or flexibility, which is of positive significance. In addition, many animals, such as goldfish, have the magic of luck

therefore, the packaging shows that people are willing to buy touchable luck for very little money. These packages are really the mirror of the soul, so they not only represent the design concept, but also reflect a person's mental state. This is why these kind packages have won the favor of the Chinese people

westernized commodities in China in the 1990s, society, politics, economy and culture began to change, and packaging design began to be affected. The opening, liberalization and globalization of the market, the growing competition, the growing purchasing power and the improvement of the quality of life all seem to be inclined to change to the direction of Western goods

this new type of packaging comes from western design in the same period. Abstract design -- greatly different from the natural abstract images of the 1980s and 1990s, the use of lines, geometric models and colorful spaces are its main features

directly copy the outer packaging of American, British, German and Japanese brands, which stands out from the traditional packaging. By connecting with the modern, progressive and foreign world, designers hope that such packaging can promote sales

there is no doubt that the current Chinese cigarette packaging is similar to the design of foreign brands, but this is only a transformation stage, because the abstract characteristics of western style make the packaging unable to establish a close relationship with consumers. The emotional nature of design will affect Chinese consumers' decision whether to buy a certain product

in the near future, the growing cultural awareness, high national pride and love for hometown -- 84% of Chinese people love their hometown and the achievements of their hometown very much, and a new trend will appear. The survey shows that although every Chinese who can afford an imported brand is inclined to buy imported cigarettes, many people actually prefer local products of the same quality because it can better show their identity

if Chinese people are familiar with traditional culture, it will help them develop distinctive packaging. The future of Chinese packaging will be based on the use of traditional Chinese colors, symbols and combination elements. Although it is very different from that 15 years ago, it will conform to the thoughts and tastes of the Chinese people

dominant position

few people outside the tobacco industry know that China has occupied a dominant position in the field of exquisite packaging without phase interruption. There is no other country on earth like China. Cigarette cases are printed with so many exquisite patterns, metallic colors, shiny luster, layered printing, shiny coating and anti-counterfeiting holograms

in terms of printed products, the Chinese are experts. They like visual effects very much. European packaging technology makes everything possible. In China, 35% of cigarette production lines are made in Germany

due to the additional functions of packaging, these packaging are considered as ideal luxury goods, so they are wholeheartedly accepted and purchased by people

the change of consumer behavior and the new structure of commodity distribution have greatly changed the function and role of packaging strategy, because the function of packaging as self introduction and self promotion has been ignored in the past. Packaging must meet the new needs of Chinese people for vision and function

at present, China still relies heavily on imports to meet these needs. According to xierongquan, vice president and Secretary General of China Packaging Technology Association, as a key industry, the government will distinguish polyurea from many waterproof materials and provide us $11billion to the packaging industry in the next few years to meet the growing demand in the next decade

therefore, due to its economic power and its strong design power related to Western technology, the Chinese market may be full of new generation products, and the packaging made in China will change from the meaning of low quality to the pronoun of high quality. Similar to Japanese design, Chinese design is too strong, and will eventually play a leading role, making China recover the glory of 1000 years ago in every aspect

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