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She is a cutting-edge designer from Jiangxi Yichun Molike, who has unique views on the design of soft clothing space. So how did she temporarily rank as the second most popular online celebrity in the "creator world" Molike cup national soft clothing design competition

look at your watch. There are still 11 days left, and 2018 will be over! If there is anything unfinished that can make achievements in these 11 days and draw a perfect end to 2018, it must be to participate in the "creator world" Molike cup national soft clothing design competition! Zero operation threshold, easy to learn and use 3D software system, as long as you are enthusiastic about soft decoration design, you can participate

what? Are you still hesitating to wait and see? Then Xiaomo will bring you the contestant who ranks second in the number of likes of the current works of the competition. Take her as an example for reference

Zhou Jianqing

she is a cutting-edge designer from Jiangxi Yichun Molike. She has unique views on the design of soft decoration space. In the past, she used to have a deep foundation for using PS, 3dmax and other design software, but she personally believes that she used to spend a lot of time doing basic drawing work, which was too energy-consuming

but since she came into contact with Molike's new 3D cloud design system and actively participated in the Jiangxi Yingtan regional training course organized by Molike's training department, she felt that her design efficiency had been greatly improved, the drawing was fast and good, the rendering effect was realistic, and the 3D whole house roaming preview could be realized. Molike's 3D software was simply a bill signing artifact

Zhou Jianqing, who advocates romanticism, has always been very fond of the charm of classic French. This time, one of the entries realized her dream creation

French style

Zhou Jianqing applied his imaginary elements such as the sea and castle to show the noble and elegant atmosphere in his works. In the overall layout of her works, she highlights the symmetry of the axis, the magnificent momentum of marble, and the classic furniture of Riva in Italy, creating a luxurious and comfortable living space. Highlighting the identity of nobility, glass lanterns add softness to romance, which makes people suddenly feel that the whole space is warm. In solemn yet gentle

Zhou Jianqing's work romantic night in Paris

talks about the significance of his work to himself. Zhou Jianqing said that it is not only to show his creation, but also to verify his learning achievements. She hopes to be recognized by molyk and the majority of consumers, continuously improve her design ability, serve customers well for the exclusive store, and sign more big orders

Zhou Jianqing believes that he should be full of confidence and strive to be the first! It's not easy to rank second in the list of likes for the time being. Thank you very much for your support from colleagues, family and friends. She believes that there is still a lot of time before the deadline for submission of works. Next, she is not afraid of many contestants who have made great efforts, and she will continue to work hard

time waits for you. If you also want to challenge Molike's soft clothing design competition with a total bonus of 80000 yuan, please don't miss the opportunity to participate in the last half month or so

do you want to stand on the stage like Zhou Jianqing to show yourself? Seize the time to sign up and upload your works! Molike will give you a chance to realize your dream with a fair and just selection

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