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In the whole process of home decoration, signing a house decoration contract should be said to be the most important step. Every year, a large number of family decoration disputes arise from the non-standard filling of housing decoration contracts. What should we do? The following editor will introduce you to the precautions for signing a decoration contract. If you don't know much about these knowledge, you might as well study together, which can be used in the future

precautions for signing decoration contract

1 Basic “ Five certificates ” Complete

we must check whether the developer has a commercial housing pre-sale license. With a pre-sale license, the developer usually also has five licenses, including real estate development license, state-owned land use license, construction project development license and project planning license. This is the key to whether buying a house can get a real estate certificate

2. Use the standard contract text

be sure to refer to it. It is best to adopt and do not modify the text at will, and carefully fill in according to the terms listed in the text to understand the specific contents. Don't sign the "purchase agreement" set by the developer at will and pay a deposit. Even if many people do this, it is not a necessary procedure for buying a house. And this kind of contract must be unequal in rights and obligations, which is particularly detrimental to oneself. It's better to sign a pre-sale contract directly with the developer. This step must not be sloppy! Otherwise, you will suffer a heavy loss

3. Relevant supporting documents are valid

if it is a pre-sale house (a house under construction, unfinished construction, and unable to be delivered for use), check whether the developer has a pre-sale license, and confirm that the house he purchased is within the scope of pre-sale; To buy an existing house, you need to check whether the developer has the large-scale production license of the house (obtained after the pre-sale license, that is, from the future house to the existing house) and the "new residential delivery and use license". And also check its business license and development qualification certificate, and pay attention to whether the unit names of these certificates are consistent

4. The conditions and time limit for the purchase of a house should be agreed.

the so-called delivery of a house has two meanings: first, the right to use the house, that is, the physical delivery; The other is the transfer of housing ownership, that is, the transfer of property rights. The physical delivery and property right transfer should be clearly agreed in the pre-sale contract, and the use and delivery of houses without the "new residential delivery and use license" cannot be accepted

5. Specify the specific time and liability for breach of contract

for future houses, it is common to delay the delivery of houses due to insufficient funds, and even those who cannot deliver houses. If it is not the standard "text", the developer must make a big fuss on the contract, which is extremely detrimental to the buyer. If only the completion date is indicated, but not the delivery date; Use “ After the installation of water and electricity, after the quality acceptance, and after the completion of supporting facilities in the community ” And some vague language

6. Check the quality of the house

when signing the contract, you should check and check the contents of the residential use manual and the commercial housing quality guarantee, and take the commercial housing quality guarantee as an annex to the contract to check whether the developer is responsible for the quality problems

7. Clarify property management matters

a bad property management company must make you feel uncomfortable forever. Therefore, we should take a look at the specific property management company, as well as the property management scope and charging standard agreed by both parties

editor's summary: This is the introduction of the precautions for signing the decoration contract. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more relevant information, please continue to pay attention, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future




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