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As the ground decoration of the new house, the solid wood composite floor is processed with solid wood panels or veneers as the surface layer and solid wood strips and veneers as the core layer. It has a comfortable foot feeling and aesthetic feeling similar to the solid wood floor, and it can also perform the function of geothermal heating environment. It is also very simple when installing the floor. The comprehensive utilization rate of wood is high, which is more environmentally friendly

the quality indicators of solid wood composite floor mainly include appearance quality, processing size and physical and chemical properties. The most common is the physical and chemical performance, which is also the requirement for the confirmation of the selection of solid wood composite floor, including the balanced moisture content, the durability of the floor surface, the emission of formaldehyde, environmental protection, etc

last year, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision carried out special supervision and random inspection, which mainly carried out strict inspection and evaluation in accordance with the national standards on the five quality and safety performance indicators of solid wood composite flooring, including formaldehyde emission, impregnation and stripping performance, surface paint film wear resistance, paint film adhesion, and dimensional stability, so as to provide consumers with better, safer, and personalized products





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