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Before decoration, it is necessary to calculate the area of the house and prepare the size of furniture, otherwise there will be a lot of jokes. Today, I will share some size data of home decoration with you, and in the future, when decorating and buying furniture, please refer to this

it is necessary to calculate the area of the house and prepare the size of furniture before decoration, otherwise there will be a lot of jokes. Today I will share some size data of home decoration with you. In the future, when decorating and buying furniture, please refer to this! At the construction site, 1. Standard red brick 23*11*6, 2. Standard entry door opening 0.9m * 2m, 3. Room door opening 0.9m * 2m, 4. Kitchen door opening 0.8m * 2m, 5. Toilet door opening 0.7m * 2m, 6. Standard cement 50kg/bag. Home decoration data involved in the living room 1 What is the correct distance between the sofa and the tea table in front of it? 30cm it is very comfortable to place a rectangular tea table (130*70*45 cm high) in front of a couch (240*90*75 cm high). The ideal distance between the two should allow you to pass by yourself and be easy to use, that is, you can easily get the cup or magazine on the table without standing up

2. What should be the minimum size of a large combined cabinet that can place televisions? 200 * 50 * 180 cm this type of furniture is generally composed of squares of different sizes. The high part is more suitable for placing books, and the thickness of the cabinet should be at least 30 cm; The thickness of the cabinet used to place the TV in the lower part shall be at least 50 cm. At the same time, the overall height and transverse width of the combined cabinet should be coordinated with the area of the wall

3. If you put a sofa that can accommodate three or four people, how big should you choose to match the tea table? 140 * 70 * 45 cm high in the case of a large sofa or two long sofas placed together, a low coffee table is a good choice, and the height is best equal to the position of the sofa cushion. 4. How much distance should be reserved between the armchair and the TV? 3 meters here refers to the shortest distance between a 25 inch TV and an armchair or couch. In addition, the height of the cabinet where the TV is placed should be between 40 cm and 120 cm, so that the audience can maintain a correct sitting posture

5. What is the ideal size of the tea table next to the sofa? Square: 70*70*60 cm high. Oval: 70*60 cm high. The coffee table beside the sofa should have a table that is not too large, but the higher type should be selected, so that you can easily and comfortably get things on the table even when sitting

6. How much space do the two face-to-face sofas and the tea table in the middle occupy? The distance between two double sofa (specification 160*90*80 cm high) and tea table (specification 100*60*45 cm high) should be 30 cm. 7. How high should the backrest of the couch or armchair be? With a height of 85 to 90 cm, you can put your head completely on the backrest, so that your neck can be fully relaxed. If the * back and armrest of the sofa are too low, it is recommended that you add a cushion for comfort. If the space is not particularly spacious, the sofa should be placed against the wall as much as possible

8. If the living room is located in the center of the room, and you want to flow out of the back of a corridor space, how wide should this corridor be? The space of 100-120 cm aisle should allow two adults to walk face-to-face without colliding. Usually, 60 cm width is reserved for each person

9. What is the minimum distance between two diagonally placed divas? 10 cm. If you don't need to leave an aisle, this situation will allow you to put another tea table. Home decoration data involved in the kitchen 1 What is the distance between the cabinet and the console? 60cm from the console to the bottom of the cabinet, you should ensure this distance. In this way, while you can cook conveniently, you can also put some small household appliances in the cupboard

2. When various furniture and electrical appliances are placed on the opposite walls of the kitchen, how much distance should be left between them so as not to affect housework in the kitchen? 120cm in order to easily open the cabinet doors of furniture on both sides, we must ensure that at least such a distance is left. 150 cm, such a distance can ensure that when the cabinet doors on both sides are open, there is another person standing in the middle

3. What is the appropriate height of the stool to sit comfortably around the breakfast table? 80 cm for a breakfast table with a height of 110 cm, this is the ideal height of the stool around it. Because there is still a space of 30 cm between the desktop and the stool to accommodate both legs

4. How high should the hanging cabinet be installed? The height of 145 to 150 cm allows you to open the door of the cupboard without padding your toes. Home decoration data involved in the restaurant 1 How big is a table for six people? 120 cm. This is the diameter requirement for the round dining table. 140*70 cm &mdash& mdash; This is the size requirement for rectangular and oval tables

2. How far should the dining table be from the wall? The distance of 80 cm is the minimum distance that includes pulling out the chair and making it convenient for diners to move

3. What is the area of a square table with diagonal lines and guns? 180 * 180 square centimeter this is the smallest area occupied by a square table with a side length of 90 cm and the nearest distance from the corner of the table to the wall of 40 cm. 4. What is the standard height of tables and chairs? 72 cm this is the medium height of the table, while the chair is usually 45 cm high

5. How much space does a table for six people occupy in the living room? 300 * 300 cm needs to leave space for the table with a diameter of 120 cm, and at the same time, it also needs to leave space for people who eat around the table. This plan is suitable for that kind of large living room, with an area of at least 600*350 cm

6. What is the most suitable distance between the chandelier and the desktop? 70 cm. This is the ideal distance for a complete and uniform illumination of the desktop. Home decoration data involved in the bathroom 1 How much space should the appliances in the bathroom occupy? General area of toilet: 37 cm × Possible area of 60 cm suspended or cylindrical lavatory: 70 cm × 60 cm square shower area: 80 cm × Standard area of 80 cm bathtub: 160 cm × 70 cm

2 How far is the distance between the bathtub and the opposite wall? 100 cm. This is a reasonable distance if you want to move around. Even if the bathroom is narrow, leave room for walking when installing the bathtub. In short, there should be a distance of at least 60 cm between the bathtub and other walls or objects

3. How much space is needed to install a lavatory, which is convenient and practical? 90 cm × 105 cm

this size is suitable for a medium-sized lavatory pool and can accommodate another person to wash next to it. 4. How much distance should be reserved between two hand washing appliances? 20 cm. This distance includes the distance between the toilet and the lavatory, or between the sanitary ware and the wall

5. How far should we keep between the relatively placed bathtub and the toilet? 60 cm. This is the minimum distance that can pass through the middle, so a bathroom with opposite bathtubs and toilets should be at least 180 cm wide

6. How wide should the bathroom be at least if you want to install the next bathtub next to the inner wall? 180 cm. This distance is very suitable for traditional bathtubs. If the bathroom is narrow, consider installing a small bathtub with seats

7. How high should the mirror be installed? The height of 135 cm can make the mirror face people. Home decoration data involved in the bedroom 1 What is the most standard area of a double master bedroom? The 12 square meter bedroom of the couple can't be smaller than this one. In addition to the bed, a double door wardrobe (120*60 cm) and two bedside tables can be placed in the room. A larger wardrobe can be placed in a room of 3 * 4.5 meters; Or choose a smaller double bed, and then choose one between the drawer and the desk. You can choose a wardrobe with dressing room where the wardrobe is placed

2. How much space should be left if the bed is placed obliquely in the corner? 360 * 360 cm this is a placement method suitable for larger bedrooms. You can visit a locker according to the size of the space in the corner behind the bedside

3. How far should the distance between two beds placed side by side be? In addition to two bedside tables that can be placed between two beds of 90 cm, it should also allow two people to walk freely. Of course, the outside of the bed is no exception, so as to facilitate the cleaning of the floor and the arrangement of bedding. 4. If the wardrobe is placed on the wall opposite to the bed, what is the distance between the two pieces of furniture? The distance of 90 cm is to easily open the cabinet door without tripping on the bed

5. How high should the wardrobe be? The size of 240cm allows for longer clothes (160cm) to be put in the wardrobe, and a space for seasonal clothes (80cm) is reserved in the upper part

6. How big should a wall be if you want to accommodate a double bed, two bedside tables and the side of the wardrobe? 240 cm * 420 cm this size of wall can accommodate a 160 cm wide double bed and a wardrobe with a side width of 60 cm, as well as the activity space on both sides of the bed (60— — 70 cm on both sides) and the space occupied when the cabinet door is opened (60 cm). If the wardrobe adopts sliding door, the wall only needs to be 360 cm wide





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