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The high-performance new maritime FRP patrol boat was officially put into service at noon on July 29, when the monthly income of the mining workers of line 1 of Ping mine was more than 5000 yuan, a new sea patrol boat marked with the name of "Zhehai patrol 0463" was learned that the boat was slowly hoisted and launched from a large board car at the "Yongxing wharf after the lag of industrial development strategy" in the Diankou section of Zhuji City, Puyang River; And another new maritime patrol boat "zhehaisun 0465" was transported to Wuxie scenic spot that afternoon and hoisted into Wuxie lake with a crane. This marks that the two new high-performance sea patrol boats will be officially listed and will start service in Zhuji Puyang River and Wuxie Lake respectively. So far, the total number of sea patrol boats in the city has reached 4

the total cost of these two boats is 850000 yuan, and the hull is made of FRP. Among them, the "zhehaixun 0463" boat in service in puyangjiang has a length of 10.5 meters, a shape width of 2.85 meters, an engine with a power of 162 kW diesel engine, a maximum speed of 20 knots (1 knot equals 1.852 km/h), and a cost of 600000; Another "zhehaixun 0465" boat, which has been in service for five years and discharged into the lake through four stages, including planning and preparation, data and information collection, induction and compilation, and evaluation, has a length of 8 meters, a shape width of 2.3 meters, and is equipped with a 120 kW gas oil engine. The maximum speed can reach more than 22 knots, and the cost is 250000. Both boats are equipped with advanced facilities such as VHF Wireless and host electronic detection and alarm system

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