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High performance injection molding pet preform

in the middle of last year, Engel company took over the development and sales of pet preform injection molding machine from its long-term partner sigcorpoplast company, so Engel's machine category has been expanded to cover many application fields. These machines appear on the market under the name Engel macpet and produce PET bottle blanks for the stretch blow molding of PET bottles

the core of each high-performance injection molding system for macpet bottle blanks is the elbow locking machine for rapid turnover production. There is a special pressure maintaining device on the injection side, which is an excellent pressure controlling device (Figure 1). The pressure maintaining device specially developed for pet injection molding is the feature of Engel's pet plasticizing device, which is different from other manufacturers. In the pressure maintaining and cooling stages, it enables the melt to be metered for the next injection. Before the next injection, the pressure maintaining device exchanges the latest development trends of the new material industry and relevant cities, the latest technologies and standards in terms of industrial development orientation, etc. the residual melt in the exchange is completely discharged into the space in front of the screw, following the first in first out injection principle, shortening the action time of thermal stress on the melt. Macpet series machines are composed of five specification machines with mold locking force up to 5000kN, which are especially suitable for the application of 12, 16, 24, 32, 48, 64, 72 or 96 cavity molds

at the same time, through the long-term cooperation between Engel and sig corplast, more than 100 such machines are operating reliably in 20 countries on all continents of the world. The 5-point double elbow lock industry, together with the oil accumulator, not only ensures the rapid opening and closing of the mold, but also ensures the extreme stiffness of the mold locking system and the mild operation of the mold. When the mold is 96 cavities, the maximum opening and closing time of the mold, including the removal of all plastic parts, is 2.8 seconds. The energy-saving oil pressure system includes a servo controlled variable stage transfer pump for all screw actions, which makes the economic operation of the machine possible. Energy consumption has been reduced to very small

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mild plasticization, and shape a consistent high-quality

macpet injection device with a short, space-saving style. Like ordinary machines, it is equipped with a stacking screw (the pitch diameter ratio is between 22 and 24, depending on the screw diameter), ensuring the mild treatment of the melt, although its plasticization ability is very high. If the melt is to be colored, the screw will be equipped with an integrated mixing device to achieve the best uniformity. If the continuous low concentration of acetaldehyde in all mold cavities is a special quality requirement, an electrostatic mixing element is installed in the front space of the screw (the standard concentration is max. 3ppm, which is measured in the bottle blank or blow molding bottle.) Acetaldehyde is produced by the inevitable mechanical and thermal pressure on the melt during the plasticization process

the economic benefit of PET bottle blank production line has a very important relationship with the demoulding system. In order to shorten the cycle time as much as possible, the bottle blank is partially cooled in and out of the mold. Engel's macpet machine uses a linear manipulator, so it is equipped with a special demoulding device with an integrated cooling system. A quadruple receiving rotating device ensures that the preforms are subsequently cooled for the duration of the four injection cycles before being stacked (Fig. 2). The stripping device with beam monitoring system ensures that the bottle blank is taken out of the mold and caught by the manipulator

simple operation

injection molding machine, demoulding manipulator and peripheral equipment share the same control panel. Like ordinary machines, the manipulator controller is integrated into the machine control system, which not only facilitates operation, but also minimizes the necessary time for data exchange. For the same reason, the cycle time is extremely short. The machine control system is generally compatible with other component modes, such as the cooling system of the mold and manipulator, the upstream drying and conveying system of pet pellets, and the dry gas separator of the ring mold, which are all integrated into the system

satisfactory partners

when designing these overall production units, Engel cooperates with suppliers with considerable strength in their respective professional fields. Each partner is also responsible for the after-sales service of their equipment

new standard for high-performance production of preforms

although Engel's macpet machine is already working with the maximum possible efficiency, Engel bridge concrete component fatigue testing machine has set a more ambitious goal: the next development will focus on improving the ratio of mold cavity number to machine specification. At the K2004 exhibition held in Duesseldorf, Germany, this masterpiece of high-performance production of preforms will be unveiled. (end)

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