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The 18th China International composite industry technology exhibition was held at the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall from September 5 to 7. Syt45 (T700) high-performance carbon fiber produced by domestic equipment and international mainstream technology on display on the 5th attracted widespread attention. It is reported that carbon fiber is a strategic new material widely used. Syt45 (T700 grade) carbon fiber is produced by Zhongfu Shenying carbon fiber company, the only enterprise in China that can industrialized produce dry jet wet spinning T700 grade carbon fiber. The exhibition of this product marks the first time in China that the annual settlement interest rate of the five products is up to 4.80%, solving the problem of industrialized production of high-performance carbon fiber

in addition, at the 8th Northeast Asia Expo, Jilin, the first city in China to develop and produce carbon fiber, can launch a carbon fiber industry matchmaking meeting according to national standards to deepen exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign carbon fiber enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions, and build a "China carbon Valley" by relying on scientific and technological innovation

in the past two years, Jilin has invested 85% of its scientific research funds in carbon fiber projects to support carbon fiber enterprises to research new technologies and develop new products. Zhuang Hailin, general manager of Jilin Carbon Valley, said that carbon fiber bicycles, woven fabrics, carbon fiber accessories for bicycles and other products have come out one after another. Carbon fiber heating products, cold suits, heated floors and other products have been put into the market, and car bottom guards The car heating seat has completed the on-board experiment...

the carbon fiber industry in Jilin City has formed the most complete carbon fiber industry chain in China, "propylene acrylonitrile polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber precursor carbon fiber downstream products", and has initially formed a clustered and standardized development trend. In January 2010, Jilin city was recognized as the national carbon fiber high-tech industrialization base by the Ministry of science and technology

focusing on the national key fields, industrial fields, civil fields and building reinforcement fields, Jilin City has promoted 16 carbon fiber industrialization projects with an annual output of 1million square meters of prepreg, 100000 carbon fiber sporting goods and 70000 carbon fiber engine bottom guards

at the project signing ceremony held a few days ago, Hong Kong Fuyi International Engineering Construction Co., Ltd., Xiamen alpha sporting goods Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Peida composite materials Co., Ltd. signed 16000 tons of special fiber, carbon fiber R & D and products and 400 first potential customers. They have received test samples of 10000 square meters of carbon fiber prepreg, with a total investment of 3.1 billion yuan

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Jilin will accelerate the construction of five functional areas, including carbon fiber core area, carbon fiber products deep processing area, carbon fiber auxiliary materials supporting area, carbon fiber key equipment manufacturing and maintenance area, and carbon fiber R & D business area

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