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High performance fluorocarbon coating Expo pick "China Red"

high performance fluorocarbon coating Expo pick "China Red"

June 4, 2009

[China paint information] the construction of the China Pavilion of the Expo has entered the stage of facade hanging plate operation. On June 1, we saw at the site that the construction personnel had begun to officially hoist the "China Red" facade with strong Chinese color. The answer to the mystery of "who is the flower of the materials and coatings used by" China Red "was also revealed at the same time: after expert review, from the application schemes sent by 30 enterprises from the national primary selection, the honeycomb aluminum substrate developed and produced by Sino Dutch joint venture Hunter Douglas industries (China) and the high-performance red fluorocarbon coating sprayed on it were finally selected

it is reported that "China Red" is composed of seven red colors with different shades. Its color palette is installed in different parts according to visual needs, and the color life span is as long as 15~20 years

as the host Pavilion, the China Pavilion is one of the focus pavilions and symbols of the Shanghai WorldExpo. Known as the "crown of the East", the China Pavilion is large in shape and small in size. Its bottom is four square reinforced concrete core cylinders, with a side length of 70 meters between the outer sides of the two cylinders, while the square bucket arch lifted by it is 140 meters long on the top side. The red appearance and towering Dougong of the China Pavilion give people a strong visual impact

how to "wear" a suitable "China Red" coat for the 36000 square meter outer wall of the China Pavilion is a problem beyond expectation. According to the person in charge of the project team of the China Pavilion, the Expo Bureau attaches great importance to the formation and determination of the "China Red". It has organized the project department, the Chinese Academy of fine arts and the joint design team to organize expert argumentation through many on-site visits and investigations to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City in Beijing. Among them, Professor Song Jiming of the Chinese Academy of fine arts, through several rounds of laboratory debugging, went to the processing and production unit with the project department to configure samples, and repeatedly tested the red effect under different light refraction in the day, light at night, visual height and location conditions in the China Pavilion. Finally, a group of "China Red" consisting of four kinds of red outside the China Pavilion and three kinds of red inside the China Pavilion was formed. That is, the bucket arch of the China Pavilion is composed of three kinds of red from top to bottom, the four core tubes of the China Pavilion are made of one kind of red, and the inner side of the building is made of another three kinds of red. The "China Red" external vertical panel composed of a variety of red can form a unified red color with calm and stable characteristics under the conditions of sunlight refraction in the day, light projection at night and different visual heights. 4. When developing new materials, material scientists also need to test the materials for classic visual effects

in addition, the collation of "China Red" external vertical cold convenient data pull steel bars: each batch of cold drawn steel bars should be done two tensile test surfaces, which also show a higher index of optimization, similar to the texture of textile corduroy. Compared with flat surfaces, this concave convex surface can make the color layers richer in the same light, so that "China Red" can "live" in the vision of Chinese and foreign tourists. It is reported that the installation of "China Red" aluminum plate will be completed on July 25

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