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High performance makes healthy life, Bauhinia 2020 subversion unbounded brand press conference was held

high performance makes healthy life, Bauhinia 2020 subversion unbounded brand press conference was held

August 12, 2020

August 11, 2020, Bauhinia 2020 subversion unbounded brand press conference was successfully held in Shanghai. With the theme of subversion and boundlessness, this press conference aims to reflect Bauhinia's confidence and determination to break through itself and upgrade its brand concept. Through the full live broadcast of the official Tiktok, it perfectly presents a wonderful and eye-catching event to the majority of consumers

on the day of the event, Mr. Feng Bingguang and Mr. Chen Chuansheng, CO presidents of Bauhinia paint group, together with a group of senior executives and partners, came to the scene to jointly witness the successful appearance of the new brand concept

redbud 2020 subversion • unbounded brand press conference was successfully held

the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 at the beginning of the year once again aroused consumers' attention to health, and also brought impact and changes to the coating industry related to people's lives and interests to reduce workers' direct contact with solvents. In the face of changes and challenges, Bauhinia bravely moves forward, achieves the brand concept of healthy life through high-performance performance, and continues to provide consumers with a better quality of healthy home life, showing the sense of mission and social sense of a national brand

high performance achievements healthy life. Bauhinia continues to endow healthy homes with energy in developed countries.

at 14:00 p.m. on the 11th, with the creative cross-border art MIDI show with paint barrels as props, the Bauhinia subversion · unbounded press conference officially kicked off. This magnificent performance tells the story of universal Nirvana when the old world ends and the new world is born, and proclaims the spirit of Bauhinia that it has the courage to innovate, subvert boundlessness, and dare to break through itself. After the host's opening speech, the on-site guests and online audience then watched a metal shocking and exciting video that people saw, opening their infinite imagination of the high-performance performance performance of Bauhinia

the opening video of the art MIDI show

triggered the audience's infinite imagination

then, Mr. Feng Bingguang, CO president of Bauhinia paint group, made a grand debut and delivered a keynote speech on the new brand concept of high-performance performance performance for a healthy life. Mr. Feng Bingguang first made a brief review on the development process of Bauhinia Flower, then shared the brand concept and corporate vision, and interpreted the brand development strategy and planning in detail, so that the on-site guests and online audiences have a more comprehensive understanding and insight into the new brand concept of Bauhinia Flower

Mr. Feng Bingguang, CO president of Bauhinia paint group, delivered a keynote speech

Mr. Feng Bingguang said that high-performance performance performance is not only a kind of creativity, but also a sense of professionalism and security, but also a spirit of transcendence that is not satisfied with standards. Bauhinia Flower belongs to Hong Kong Ye's chemical group, and has inherited the parent group's high-quality and high-performance genes since its inception. Since its development for nearly 40 years, Bauhinia Flower has not only mastered the core raw materials and cutting-edge technology of paint production, but also obtained the wide recognition of the industry and consumers for its product quality

looking into the future, Bauhinia Flower will continue to inherit and adhere to the corporate vision of home and experts, launch high-performance products super care home series, continue to invest in online and offline brand promotion, and invest in professional wall one-stop art to revitalize the service brand imagination space, increase the layout of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, and provide professional wall services for end consumers. We should constantly practice high-performance performance and achieve a healthy life from the three aspects of service, environmental protection and terminal

Bauhinia and wonderful space cooperation ceremony

the broadcast of the new brand promotional film also once again explains that Bauhinia is committed to meeting the healthy home needs of different people, and integrates high-performance performances such as creativity, professionalism, peace of mind and transcendence into all aspects of products and services

brand new promotional film

after the keynote speech, Mr. Feng Bingguang ushered in the most exciting part of the press conference - the launching ceremony of brand upgrading. Mr. Feng Bingguang, CO president of Bauhinia paint group, and Mr. Chen Chuansheng took the stage with all senior executives to jointly light up the starting device and push the atmosphere of the press conference to a climax

the launch ceremony pushed the atmosphere of the press conference to a climax

products are the best expression of the brand. Bauhinia super care home x-union series far exceeded the performance standards, creating multiple firsts

another highlight of this press conference is the official appearance of the expected high-performance product - Bauhinia super care home x-union antibacterial series. Ms. Ji Luning, marketing director of Bauhinia paint group, came to the stage to bring you the story behind product development and market insight

Ms. Ji Luning, marketing director of Bauhinia paint group, introduced the x-union series products of Chaohu family

in recent years, China is ushering in the wave of consumption upgrading, and antibacterial products that ensure people's daily healthy life are emerging in endlessly, but the real antibacterial products for home decoration, especially wall coatings, are not as good as 7. The noise of the whole machine: no more than 70dB has been paid enough attention. After this epidemic, consumers pay more attention to the antibacterial function of coatings, which is bound to promote the iteration and upgrading of antibacterial coatings. With insight into the market demand, the x-union series of Bauhinia supercare came into being. As the first brand in the industry to tailor antibacterial products to the needs of different people, it is also the first brand in the industry that antibacterial products have passed the Japanese JIS certification, and it is also the first brand to develop antibacterial products that inhibit special strains (such as Listeria monocytogenes, which is easy to be spoiled). Bauhinia supercare antibacterial products have attracted the attention of the industry

what is more eye-catching is that the star product in the super care family series - the first coating product for the symbiotic environment of human pets - Bauhinia super care family pet an antibacterial wall paint. With the improvement of living standards, there are more and more pet families in China. The impact of bacteria easily carried by pets on the family environment and the health of family members continues to be discussed. This imaginative and creative product really starts from the pain point of pet families, suppresses the special bacteria susceptible to pet, and solves the most concerned and headache problems of pet families in China. The same series of Shumin antibacterial wall paint and home care antibacterial wall paint are also customized for people with allergic constitution, which fully meets the urgent needs of the public for home antibacterial. They have passed a number of authoritative certifications at home and abroad, such as American green guard certification, French a+, China ten ring certification, and so on. They are truly professional and attentive. At the same time, it also confirms from the side that Bauhinia Flower has the determination and mission to practice high-performance performance and achieve a healthy life

super care x-union series

with Ms. Ji Luning's wonderful speech, a group of models holding super care x-union series product cans and wearing hand-painted art costumes walked to the center of the stage, presenting the products to the on-site guests and online audiences, and once again pushed the press conference to a climax. After the catwalk of model products, the press conference finally came to a successful conclusion in the warm group photos of the on-site guests

model product catwalk

standing at a new starting point of brand upgrading is both inheritance and departure. It is believed that under the guidance of the concept of high-performance achievements in healthy life, Bauhinia Flower will continue to bring consumers products and services far beyond the performance standards. With the successful launch of Bauhinia 2020 brand press conference, the value of Bauhinia 2020 brand and products in enabling consumers to live in a healthy environment will further improve, which will set off a new round of leading trend in the coating industry

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