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High performance integrated circuits: made in China should add "Shandong core"

the Ministry of industry and information technology recently issued a series of policies to promote the development of the integrated circuit industry. It is reported that the second phase of the national integrated circuit industry fund (i.e. the "big fund") is already in the process of raising funds. It is estimated that the financing scale will be 150-200 billion yuan, and it is finally expected to pry up trillions of yuan of funds. As a major manufacturing province, Shandong is also racing against time to promote the development of integrated circuit industry

Just last week, the first CIDM integrated circuit project in China was in Qingdao, so strict mechanical property testing was required. The construction of Qingdao International Economic Cooperation Zone in the West Coast new area of the island began

"as the first CIDM integrated circuit project in China, Xinen CIDM integrated circuit project will quickly gather in the new area to form a whole industry chain, make up for the blank of the integrated circuit industry in Shandong Province, and explore the formation of a new industrial model that can be replicated and promoted." Zhang Rujing, chairman of Xinen (Qingdao) integrated circuit Co., Ltd., told the Economic Herald

according to Zhang Rujing, the project is an integrated circuit project adopting the co construction and sharing mode, with a total investment of about 15billion yuan. After completion, it can realize the mass production of 8-inch chips, 12 inch chips, photomask plates and other integrated circuit products. It is expected that the whole line of phase I of the project will be put into operation by the end of 2019, and the full production will be completed in 2022. A group of high-tech talents in the field of integrated circuits will be gathered and cultivated to provide jobs for nearly 10000 people

Xinen Qingdao company also signed contracts with eight well-known enterprises in the integrated circuit industry chain, including Tianshui Huatian technology, Zhongying electronics, Lianhua Juneng technology, Jingxin technology, jingfalcon technology, Haibo Huaxin Electronic Technology, ruobe electronics, and equipment manufacturer cluster electronic technology, to build an international chip industrial park. In the next five to ten years, the industrial park is expected to cultivate three to five companies with an output value of more than 1billion yuan and dozens of supporting enterprises above designated size

Taiwan Lianhua Electronics Co., Ltd., a world-renowned chip manufacturer, and world chip electronics, the world's third largest integrated circuit design service provider, previously signed contracts with Shandong University and Jinan high tech Zone to jointly prepare for the establishment of "integrated circuit talent training center", "liandian integrated circuit technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd." and "world chip high end integrated circuit design service project" in Jinan high tech Zone. "Lingneng 294.2 technology artificial intelligence chip research and development project" also entered the park at the same time

it is understood that Jinan is the eighth integrated circuit design industrialization base in China. At present, Jinan high tech Zone has gathered more than 60 integrated circuit enterprises and more than 100 related industrial enterprises

develop high-performance integrated circuits

Qian Huantao, director of Shandong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, revealed in an interview with economic herald that Shandong has initially formed an industrial chain covering integrated circuit materials and design, packaging testing, and manufacturing, and some projects in industrial design and packaging have reached domestic and international advanced levels. Last year, Jinan established a national core fire mass entrepreneurship and innovation base (platform), and Zibo started the construction of a 6-inch wafer production line, filling the gap in the field of integrated circuit manufacturing in Shandong

nevertheless, at present, Shandong's integrated circuit industry still has relatively small industrial scale, innovation ability needs to be strengthened, and large-scale integrated circuit chip manufacturing is still in its infancy; Lack of high-level technical personnel, especially professional and technical personnel and excellent production and operation management personnel; The integrated circuit industry has high risks and high investment, but the current investment in Shandong integrated circuit industry is relatively small; Lack of independent supporting capacity

data show that among the top 20 imported goods in Shandong in the first four months, integrated circuits ranked 11th, with an import volume of 11.06 billion yuan, an increase of 5.6% year-on-year

it is understood that China will continue to organize and implement the "core fire" innovation plan, create a number of integrated circuit industry innovation platforms, promote the agglomeration of industrial elements such as technology, talent, capital and market, implement the national integrated circuit industry promotion outline, and promote the deployment of key models such as CPU and FPGA

Qian Huantao revealed that in the "13th five year plan for the development of strategic emerging industries" and the "13th five year plan for the development of manufacturing industry" of Shandong Province, it was clearly proposed to accelerate the development of high-performance integrated circuits. Relying on backbone enterprises and the national integrated circuit design base, enrich intellectual property (IP) cores and design tools, and break through the core general-purpose chips related to the national information and network security and the development of the electronic machine industry. Accelerate the development of packaging and testing, research and develop advanced packaging technologies such as integrated circuit system packaging, chip flip chip welding, ball grid array packaging, and expand the industrial scale. Attract powerful international large enterprises to build high-level integrated circuit R & D centers and production lines in Shandong, and improve industrial chain supporting facilities

give priority to the development of integrated circuit design industry, promote the cooperation between integrated circuit design enterprises and complete machine enterprises, and focus on the development of electronic design automation (EDA) tools, the introduction of product standards for computer storage core enterprises, digital audio and video processing chips, information security chips, various IC cards, electronic labels and other products. Actively promote the development of supporting materials and parts industries such as gold wire, silicon aluminum wire and packaging carrier tape for integrated circuits

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