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On December 20, the trend analysis and evaluation of urea market price in various regions in China

today's urea market quotation has fallen compared with the previous period. At present, the ex factory quotation of urea is concentrated to 1800 yuan/ton, the high-end price is about 1850 yuan/ton, and the bottom price is still on the national price limit line. Urea prices in Hebei and Henan have fallen. Although the quotation is still above 1800 yuan/ton, it is actually difficult to clinch a deal at 1800 yuan/ton. Prices in Shandong did not continue to decline, and only the quotations of enterprises that did not adjust prices in the early stage also fell back to yuan/ton. At present, the tight supply of natural gas and the difficulty of railway transportation are two major problems facing some urea manufacturers, which are still difficult to solve for the time being, and have a certain impact on production and sales. The export tariff of chemical fertilizers in 2008 has been approved by the State Council. The Ministry of finance, the national competent department, will officially issue the tariff rate after adjustment in the first time


the mainstream quotation in Hebei is yuan/ton. The ex factory quotation of urea today has fallen slightly compared with the previous period. Due to the restrictions of railway transportation, the export order has not been completed, and the manufacturers are trying to make delivery. Some local small industrial enterprises cannot start work due to unqualified environmental protection, so the demand for urea has decreased, while the enthusiasm of agricultural dealers to take goods is still not high


the mainstream quotation in Henan is yuan/ton. The ex factory quotation of urea today is lower than that in the early stage. The export orders have not been completed. Some products are supplied to industrial users, and some products have been paid for by large dealers in the early stage of supply. The sales situation is good, and there are few spot goods. Due to the shortage of natural gas supply, the output of a plant is only 50% of the production capacity. At the beginning of May 2016, it was mainly in the national light storage


the mainstream quotation in Tianjin is yuan/ton. The ex factory quotation of urea today is basically stable compared with the previous period, and the export orders are about to be completed. At present, the products are mainly exported to Northeast China, Jiangsu and other places, and there is no spot, so the quotation has not been adjusted. At present, the quotation has only a small number of industrial user orders

Inner Mongolia:

the mainstream quotation in Inner Mongolia is yuan/ton. The ex factory quotation of urea today is basically stable compared with the previous period. The products are mainly exported to northeast and North China. At present, the wholesale price of urea in the local market is about yuan/ton, slightly lower than the previous period


the mainstream quotation in Shandong is yuan/ton. The ex factory quotation of urea today is basically stable compared with the previous period. The export order is about to be executed. Only industrial users still take the goods, and agricultural dealers continue to wait and see the market. At present, all products of a factory continue to be exported, and there are 5000 tons of orders to be executed, so the spot is tight

Heilongjiang mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Jilin mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Liaoning mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Inner Mongolia mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Tianjin mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Hebei mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Henan mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Shandong mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Shanxi mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Shaanxi mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Anhui mainstream quotation and e-mail.Change the specification and model of the tester :100Nm、200Nm、500Nm、1000Nm、2000Nm、3000Nm、5000Nm、20Nm、50Nm、 5nm, etc. exhibited a class of photoinduced valence tautomeric compounds with room temperature magneto-optical effect, 920 yuan/ton

Jiangsu mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Hubei mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Hunan mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Zhejiang mainstream quotation yuan/ton

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Jiangxi mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Guangxi mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Yunnan mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Sichuan mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Chongqing mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Gansu mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Guizhou mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Xinjiang mainstream quotation yuan/ton

Ningxia mainstream quotation yuan/ton

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