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Analysis on the upgrading of blow molding machine processing technology

today's mechanical control system seems to be single, but it contains logic and motion control system, human-machine interaction system, diagnosis system, and even artificial intelligence system. The same is true of blow molding machines. From the simple pure mechanical operation at the beginning to today's fully automatic, the technology is gradually upgrading

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at the beginning, the first generation of packaging machinery used in the packaging field - dubbed GEN1, the layout is very simple, and the normative characteristics of using electronic tensile testing machine are pure mechanical. A motor drives the linear shaft to change, and generates power through the cam. The control system of programmable controller (PLC) is selected, and the layout is also very simple, and the machine is directly controlled by the operator. In most cases, human machine interaction skills (HMI) have not been selected

After that, the second generation of packaging machinery appeared. This skill was born ten years ago. The packaging machinery is still driven by the transmission shaft, but the layout is more messy. Because the speed is controlled by the servo motor, it can announce commands to some special actions, and it also selects a more messy PLC programmable logic controller. Indeed, the adjustability of the second generation packaging machinery is very good, but this advantage requires higher costs

these costs include more line placement, more PLC programmable logic controller input/output (i/o) devices, which are huge and messy, with more sensors and program control, and even more peripheral devices; And it is more and more difficult to clean up and deal with the problems

like most skills, mechanical control skills have also experienced bending in the process of development. From a simple and huge control system in history to today's small multi-function control system, it organically connects machinery, motion control and communication system

today's third-generation packaging machinery integrates the so-called "mechatronics" concept. The blow molding machine selects servo system and simple mechanical equipment to achieve the intention of performing messy actions. The policy that the seller seeks is: the price of the machine is cheaper, the operation speed is faster, the function is very good, and the floor area is small, so it is common to have new skills launched continuously according to the demand

the third generation packaging machinery was born four years ago. Its development focus is on the handling skills of a single box. Its logical PLC function and i/o equipment can also be equipped with HMI skills and even Ethernet and network communication service system to facilitate the communication between enterprises if required. Once, the second generation packaging machinery needed an encoder and programmable limit switch (PLS) to determine the servo position. Nowadays, because the third generation packaging machinery has the reason that i/o uses wood flour that has not been dried or dried ④ import replacement trend to fill modified plastics, the servo control system exists in a processor. When the servo system is in place, sensing action will occur, and the signal will be announced through the bus to start any required skill process

it is reported that by putting this latest Santoprene TM rubber technology into the market, it can help processors save production costs, improve production capacity, and then help them expand their business. Together, this new skill of rapid processing is also further developed. We can see that the mechanical properties of the resin have increased considerably, broadening the economic limit of choosing santoprenetm rubber to replace thermosetting rubber

other advantages of choosing Santoprene TM rubber to replace thermosetting rubber include easy processing, adaptability, reliable component consistency, recyclability, and efficient use of waste, including waste generated in the production process and after the component life. This skill can also be used for blow molding, blow molding and extrusion molding. But what can benefit most from this new skill is the production type that requires a long processing cycle, such as blow molding

it is predicted that in the near future, when processing Santoprene TM thermoplastic rubber, blow molding processors will significantly shorten the processing cycle by selecting a new skill. Using this skill can not only greatly reduce the cost of producing a single part, but also improve the processing capacity of blow molding. Linked with this leading processing skill, a new Santoprene tmtpe series will soon show a new look, and its processing speed will be 25% higher than that of the general Santoprene TM rubber trademark. The improved functions of these processing, molding and blow molding machines can also significantly reduce the production costs of blow molding processors

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