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High performance plastic journey: igus bike allows you to travel safely

Abstract: rugged roads, rain, dirt, dust and a lot of soil, these are what ambitious mountain bike drivers know and need to face

bicycle is a very popular means of transportation, whether on ordinary roads or on open country roads. But this kind of road condition, which not only contains dust, dirt and humidity, but also rugged terrain, has brought a severe test to the parts of bicycles. At the eurobike European bicycle show of 20 years of care and protection, igus demonstrated the durability of its bearings through a customized carbon fiber bicycle equipped with 25 Iglidur bearings, and the performance of this bicycle has also been verified in practical applications. This is also the most diversified solution provided by igus for the application of bicycle industry

rugged roads, rain, dirt, dust and a lot of soil, these are what ambitious mountain bike drivers know and need to face. After a long period of bumpy riding, not only the driver's muscles and joints may be damaged, but also the bike may be damaged. Because the harsh road conditions will bring huge load and pressure to every part. In order to report that it can withstand these pressures and prolong its service life, it is very important to install parts and materials on mountain bikes that make plastic granulators also China's energy consuming users. Iglidur sliding bearings developed by igus, an expert in sports plastics, have been widely used in various bicycle components, such as front forks, adjustable seat tubes, shock absorbers, pedals or transmissions. Now, igus shows all the application potential of its products through a mountain bike equipped with 25 Iglidur sliding bearings, and proves the versatility and robustness of its bearings

iglidur sliding bearings are made of lightweight high-performance plastic, which helps to reduce the weight of bicycles. Its friction optimized performance reduces the wear rate, thereby extending the running time and service life. In addition, because of its lubrication free characteristics, igus sliding bearings can be free from the influence of environmental factors such as dirt, dust and humidity, so as to avoid the accumulation of dirt. This also further reduces the related maintenance time and work. Last but not least, they are more cost-effective than metal bearings and can withstand impact loads and pressures. Igus' dry run high-performance plastic has the advantages of light weight, long maintenance cycle and low cost

at the eurobike European Bicycle Show 2017, igus showed a customized carbon fiber bicycle with 25 Iglidur bearings that will meet the rapid growth requirements of the company and the industry after assembly

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