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From September 5 to 7, the 18th China International composite industry and technology exhibition was grandly opened in Shanghai. According to the organizer of the exhibition, the exhibition proportion of high-performance fiber reinforced materials increased significantly, with a total of 67 exhibitors involved in the manufacturing and sales of carbon fibers and fabrics, There are 21 exhibitors involved in the manufacturing and sales of aramid fibers and fabrics

the collective appearance of well-known carbon fiber enterprises at home and abroad. Japanese Toray company, Toho company, Mitsubishi company, American Zoltek company, Turkish Aksa company, German SGL company, SAERTEX company, Formosa Plastics Group and other carbon fiber manufacturers have set up booths. In fact, not all dandelions of Zhongfu Shenying, Shandong Guangwei group and Jiangsu Heng are suitable as sustainable sources of rubber. God, Bluestar Fiber Co., Ltd PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical and other domestic carbon fiber precursor production enterprises also exhibited their latest products

it is worth mentioning that a number of enterprises and institutions that provide materials, products and equipment for the aerospace field continue to participate in the exhibition. High quality and high-performance aerospace grade composite products such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber reinforced sandwich structure, honeycomb structure and related equipment continue to increase. Foreign famous advanced autoclave manufacturers, Italian truze company, American ASC company Yushida company of Japan, leopard special equipment company of China and Fuer Jinhao company of Tai'an appeared at the meeting at the same time, which aroused great interest of professional audiences

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