Growth of plastic rigid packaging market for food

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The market growth of plastic hard packaging for food in North America

the investment is 200million yuan. According to the data provided by the new special research report "rigid food packaging" published by business communication company, Inc (BCC), which specializes in industrial research and market analysis in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA, in 2004, the plastic fatigue testing machine for food in North America was a kind of experimental material The total consumption of hard packaging of precision instrument materials for fatigue life test can reach 4.673 million tons, which is expected to exceed 6.18 million tons in 2008, with an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 5.8%

food hard packaging "containers" are composed of the following products with different structures: bottles, boxes, cans, covered barrels, etc., which are relatively easy to distinguish. Other containers include frozen, low-temperature food packaging and room temperature food packaging with different shapes and thicknesses, which are suitable for reheating requirements of microwave ovens, mainly hard plastic and foamed plastic products. Hard packaging molding methods include injection molding, blow molding (hollow molding) and thermal molding. The food plastic hard packaging market also includes supplies for the food service industry, such as bowls, cups, plates, covers, plugs and covers

pet is the largest amount of food hard packaging resin, and its market demand growth is higher than the total growth of food plastic hard packaging. It is estimated that the consumption in 2004 was 2.635 million tons, and the AAGR before 2008 was 6.4%. According to the consumption, the following order is based on the energy accumulator: HDPE, PS, PP, with the highest AAGR of PP, up to 7.3%. Polycarbonate (PC) is mainly used for small packaging, but the AAGR is as high as 7.4%, and the consumption will increase to 45400 tons in 2008. In 2003, the consumption of various plastics in North America and the forecast and average annual growth rate in 2008 are shown in the table below

the main products of plastic hard packaging for food are all kinds of beverage bottles, milk bottles, meat containers, cooked food packaging (for freezing and reheating in microwave ovens), various supplies and large containers for food service industry, and large containers are mainly used for liquid food packaging

at present, the largest amount of plastic hard packaging for food is still bottles, the main raw material is pet, followed by blow molded containers for liquid food packaging, with pet and HDPE as the main resins. Another important market is thermoplastic PS and PP containers

aluminum beverage cans are still difficult competitors for plastic bottles, while glass bottles and containers are obviously hard packaging with "maladjuster balance weight to market", and paperboard packaging still occupies a relatively stable market share. The trend of hard packaging is to apply more small, portable packaging and cooked food packaging, which are more and more widely used. New technology is an important factor to promote the growth of plastic hard packaging for food, such as the demand for barrier plastic bottles and microwave heating packaging

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