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Contrarian growth in cold winter

contrarian growth in cold winter -- how to dry the right tire

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product quality is the strength of tire enterprises, but brand is the driving force and source to help enterprises create greater value

--- Mr. Yu Luning, director of foreign trade sales of Zhengdao tires

(Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition · 2019) Shanghai International Auto parts, maintenance testing and diagnostic equipment and service supplies exhibition was held in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center from December 3 to 6, 2019. More than 13 overseas exhibition groups participated in the exhibition. This event will not only provide business opportunities for the industry, but also discuss auto parts, maintenance The latest market and technical topics in after-sales market, OEM, supply chain, service, new energy vehicles and remanufacture

2019 is an extraordinary year for the tire industry. Under the background of the downward pressure of the domestic economy and the negative impact of the Sino US trade war on the tire industry, Zhengdao tire gives full play to the strong driving force driven by the brand, grows against the market, and becomes a bright star in the "winter" of the industry economy. As the head all media platform of the tire industry integrated with the genes of automobile and engineering machinery, Mr. Yu Luning, director of foreign trade sales of Zhengdao tire in China tire business () special dialogue, listened to him talk about the growth path of Zhengdao tire against the trend. Facing the downward pressure of the economy, the market situation is changing, Zhongdao tire and how to sail to sea, winning the favor of users from all over the world

Mr. Yu Luning, sales director of Zhengdao tire foreign trade

Mr. Yu Luning, sales director of Zhengdao tire foreign trade, cordially took a group photo with the executive editor of China tire business

forward looking products lead the market

in this exhibition, Zhengdao tire brought four major semi steel leading brands, including glenlander, ilink, frontway and SAILWIN, goldshield and DeWitt, Frontway (Hanma) three all steel leading brands made a high-profile appearance, covering semi steel and all steel products. PCR integrates HP, UHP, SUV 4x4, business pickup truck, four season tire and snow tire and other product types. Tbr covers light truck, long-distance fixed load, medium and short haul, short haul mining and other road products. The forward-looking brand concept leads the development of legitimate tires and is committed to providing high-end experience for the tire consumer market

David, the father of world advertising, has a famous saying: "brand is a complex symbol, which is the intangible sum of brand attribute, name, packaging, price, historical reputation and advertising methods. Brand competition is the highest level of enterprise competition." President Yu pointed out that Zhengdao tire attaches great importance to the role of brand in promoting the market, and is committed to building medium - and high-end independent tire brands, using brands to drive market sales growth and improve consumer satisfaction, monitoring the industry's cutting-edge trends, and building high-end brand series

aiming at the forward-looking development strategy of Zhengdao brand, president Yu introduced two main products of Zhengdao tire for the future. The first is the electric vehicle tires actually built according to the driving conditions of the European market. President Yu pointed out that green and environmental protection is the general trend of travel in the future, and new energy vehicles will gradually become the mainstream of the market. The development of new energy vehicle tires is not only the initiative of legitimate tires to adapt to the world green trend, but also a comprehensive display of the company's high-end technical strength. All relevant products are planned to be put on the market within two years. The second is the high-performance racing tire series, which has excellent brand quality and is suitable for F1 events. General manager Yu said that this racing tire was sent to Japan by the company for 4G (strong longitudinal resistance, one of the main resistance of race tires when driving at high speed) test, which was significantly better than international famous brands in terms of braking distance, and achieved a very good ranking

"product quality is the strength of tire enterprises, but brand is the driving force and source to help enterprises create greater value." President Yu said, "although the product series of Zhengdao tire is complete in China, we still need to create our own characteristics, which is the inevitable way for Zhengdao tire to move towards the development of medium and high-end brands."

win world recognition with excellent quality

in recent years, with the continuous growth of China's tire industry, industry enterprises are actively exploring international brand markets and overseas industry opportunities. The "the Belt and Road" initiative provides Chinese tire enterprises with rare strategic opportunities for international operation. The emerging international trade barriers urge enterprises to accelerate the pace of overseas expansion. "Going global" has become the consensus of tire enterprises seeking further industry. As the base of semi steel radial tire with the largest monomer scale in China, Zhengdao tire is also the "pacesetter" of the Overseas Corps of China's tire industry, which is difficult to implement; the degradation mechanism of materials is not very clear ". The products are exported to more than 140 countries and regions in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and later obtained China CCC, Europe ECE, the United States dot, the Middle East GCC, Saudi SASO, India BIS, Nigeria SONCAP The compulsory product certification certificates of Brazil Inmetro and other countries and regions have won the favor and affirmation of users from all over the world

general manager Yu said that the export market of Zhengdao tires is all over the world, and it ranks among the top five local market shares in the Middle East. Based on a solid international market foundation, Zhengdao tire is seriously considering how to deepen the reform, carry out channel transformation and upgrading, and better meet the local market demand. President Yu revealed that although Zhengdao tire is still mainly distributed in the international market through local traders, the company is implementing the channel deepening reform work, not only to develop Zhengdao tire's own channels, but also to help customers develop local industry channels, empower dealers, help dealers "keep warm", improve the ability to resist "cold", and help customers continue to go deep into the local market, Jointly expand and strengthen the high-quality brand of Zhengdao tire

in terms of product strategy, Zhengdao tire is committed to creating segment series for different customers around the world and providing them with more quality choices. President Yu said that in order to achieve this goal, the company took the initiative to disassemble the original product lines with slightly higher similarity, making them independent product series, which not only enriched the choices of customers, but also helped Zhengdao tire avoid the export risks caused by Sino US trade frictions, so that Zhengdao tire still achieved high growth in 2019 when the overall environment was not very good, and the market performance was very bright. Looking forward to the future, Zhengdao tire will also enter the overseas supporting market, and "go out" with domestic partners such as Chang'an group to embrace a more exciting brand prospect

with cutting-edge technical strength, Zhengdao tire achieved remarkable market development in 2019. President Yu said that the omni channel sales of Zhengdao tires increased by 51% year-on-year in this month. Under the great downward pressure of the domestic economy and the sluggish demand of the tire consumer market, the booming brand market of Zhengdao tires makes every Zhengdao person, including Yu Zong, feel proud. President Yu said that in order to meet the strong demand of the consumer market for Zhengdao brand tires, Zhengdao company is also actively improving its production capacity and serving brand consumers in a more timely manner. The company's production capacity has increased from 30000 pieces per day last year to more than 50000 pieces, and it plans to increase to 75000 pieces in 2020, "If this goal is not achieved at the same speed as the tensile test, Zhengdao tire will become the largest monomer factory in China."

deepen channel reform

Peter M. Senge, the father of learning organizations, believes that the emergence and development of everything is driven by the drivers behind it, and the structure of marketing channels is no exception, but the reason why marketing channels show a flat trend is the result of the comprehensive action of multiple drivers. Channel flattening is to reduce channel costs, achieve close contact between producers and final consumers, achieve the goal of maximizing enterprise profits, and effectively avoid channel risks, so as to achieve the benign development of enterprise management by reducing the non value-added links or links with little value-added in distribution channels. Rooted in the solid channel market, Zhengdao tire is exploring the transformation of industry model. President Yu said that the current tire industry is basically a traditional market channel, and dealers, terminals and customers have to sprinkle some stearic acid into the barrel, which is incompatible with the industry trend of flattening and servicing

general manager Yu introduced that we have optimized customer channels in the market, explored and constructed new models, and let customers develop together with us. Channel flattening is the trend of distribution channel development, but the target direction of enterprise channel flattening is not unique and fixed, but multi-directional and variable. President Yu said that for Zhengdao tire, the track and mode of its channel flattening reform will be diverse, including the compression of traditional channel levels, the addition of direct sales channels, shopping malls and monopoly channels, and the development of network distribution channels. General manager Yu said that the channel reform will provide a solid foundation for the great development of Zhengdao tire market. Looking forward to the future, president Yu is optimistic about the channel construction of Zhengdao tire brand

industry comments:

in recent years, affected by environmental protection and the high price of some rubber raw materials, the production costs of tire manufacturers have not decreased. Due to the serious overdraft of automobile market consumption in previous years, the year-on-year decline in automobile production and sales in 2019, the downstream demand for tires continues to be weak, and it is difficult for agents to improve their enthusiasm for taking goods. In addition, the current domestic economic situation is downward and the impact of the Sino US trade war, the market pressure is great. In 2019, facing the downward pressure of the domestic economy and the poor market situation in the industry, Zhengdao tire still achieved fruitful brand achievements, doubled its tire output, and plans to expand its production capacity by 25% to 50% in the future. In the interview, we saw that Zhengdao tire does not rely on the innovation or marketing of a simple business model, but more importantly, it returns to product quality and customer value. Longqi is working on product innovation and customer value reconstruction. Facing the downward pressure of the economy and the changing market, how can enterprises get out of difficulties and grow against the trend in the "cold winter"? Zhengdao tire provides beneficial experience and Enlightenment for the development of China's tire industry

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