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The gt12 summit of the flat glass industry was held in Beijing on June 5. In order to implement the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing and the economic work policy of "three going, one reducing and one supplementing", and in accordance with the requirements of the "guiding opinions on promoting the supply side structural reform of the glass industry" to win the three tough battles ", we will start, win and fight well the" three tough battles ", To promote the structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the glass industry to a deeper turn and improve the development level of the glass industry, the China building glass and Industrial Glass Association held a round table meeting of leaders of flat glass enterprises (gt12 Summit for short) in Beijing on May 23

the theme of this summit is to reduce production capacity, fill weaknesses, adjust structure, stabilize growth and increase efficiency. Qiao Longde, President of China Building Materials Federation, Chen Guoqing, vice president of China Building Materials Federation and President of China building glass and Industrial Glass Association, Meng Xianjiang, President of China building materials news, Qin Chunyu, President of China building materials magazine, and Zhou Zhiwu, Secretary General of China building glass and industrial glass Association attended the meeting. The meeting was organized by China architectural glass and 18 Presided over by zhangbaiheng, executive vice president of Industrial Glass Association of sand content meter

from China Glass Holding Co., Ltd., China Southern Glass Group Co., Ltd., Sand Glass Group Co., Ltd., Taiwan Glass Group, Hebei Yingxin Glass Group Co., Ltd., Jinjing Group Co., Ltd., Hebei safety industry group, Wuhan Changli Glass Co., Ltd., Kaisheng Technology Group Co., Ltd., Xinyi Group (glass) Co., Ltd., Qibin Group Co., Ltd Shanxi Lihu glass (Group) Co., Ltd. and other top 12 enterprises with flat glass production capacity attended the meeting

in his keynote report, Chen Guoqing said that the gt12 summit drew on the model and effective practices of the c12+3 meeting in the cement industry. The purpose is to give full play to the wisdom, talents, leading and driving role of leading entrepreneurs in the glass industry, grasp the working methods of "key minorities", jointly study and analyze, strive to solve outstanding and major problems in the development of the industry, and discuss the following issues in the glass industry: reducing production capacity, filling weaknesses, adjusting structure Work suggestions are put forward for stabilizing growth and increasing benefits

the entrepreneurs attending the meeting carefully and profoundly analyzed the current development situation of the glass industry, and discussed the theme of "reducing production capacity, filling weaknesses, adjusting structure, stabilizing growth and increasing benefits" of the glass industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period. Everyone agreed that to realize the supply side structural reform of the glass industry, we should rely on the scientific and technological innovation and structural adjustment of large enterprises, and the introduction and effective implementation of the government's industrial structure adjustment policy of "three deletions, one reduction and one subsidy". In their speeches, the entrepreneurs attending the meeting said that they would resolutely abide by the Convention on self discipline and coordination in the flat glass industry, and resolutely implement the requirements put forward in the opinions of the chairman of Kunming Hengda science and Technology Co., Ltd. on strengthening the regional market governance and coordination of flat glass and one other famous identity in the industry, We will resolutely abide by the joint declaration of the round table of leaders of China's flat glass enterprises (gt12 Summit) and other agreements and consensus signed at this summit

Qiao Longde made a concluding speech at the meeting. He pointed out that historical experience and reality showed that the role of industry organizations was irreplaceable and was the key to the rise and fall of the industry. At the same time, the rise and fall of the industry was the key to the survival and development of industry organizations; Large enterprises are the foundation of industry development, which determines the direction and speed of industry development; Industry self-discipline is a necessary mechanism for Industry self-help and self-development; The relationship between industries and enterprises is interdependent, and common development is the long-term way

Qiao Longde required that to implement the spirit of gt12 summit, first, we should improve our understanding, unify our thinking, and fight three tough battles to ensure the growth of benefits; Second, at present, we should find ways to strive for policies, stabilize the market, improve efficiency, and coordinate market self-discipline; Third, the issues raised at the meeting should be carefully sorted out, such as non-standard policies, standards, management, etc. the consensus reached should be well implemented, and the association should arrange specific work to people; Fourth, we should keep pace with the times, establish a long-term mechanism, and plan what to do next

Qiao Longde particularly emphasized that the flat glass industry should strengthen self-discipline and unity of enterprises; We should resolutely ban non-standard products; Strive to promote steady growth and increase efficiency, and strive to achieve the profit target of 10billion in 2017

it is understood that in order to hold the gt12 summit well, under the guidance of President Qiao Longde, the glass association has conducted many studies, determined the main topics of the meeting, and formed a number of documents before and after, including the implementation plan of "winning three tough battles" in the flat glass industry, the joint declaration of the flat glass industry leaders' round table (gt12) conference, the flat glass enterprise leaders' round table (gt12) conference system, etc, It was submitted to this meeting for joint discussion, research and final adoption

(source: China Building Materials News)

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