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Not stick to one style and reduce talents: the growth of Lovol heavy service team

not stick to one style and reduce talents: the growth of Lovol heavy service team

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ten years, like a fleeting gap in the long river of history

ten years of wind and rain have been very thick in the growth history of Lovol heavy service team

4. After ten years of development, Lovol heavy service team has continuously improved and improved the service ability of all team members under the personnel training mechanism that does not stick to one pattern

from scratch, the team has been growing in the way of teachers and apprentices.

in recent years, nearly 500 sets of rotary drilling rigs have been put on the market from the first rotary drilling rig to Futian drilling rig. In the face of this high value-added product sales, the deformation measurement sensitivity of the non experimental machine - the displacement rate of the relative measured change of the sensitivity instigator has increased continuously, the service team has expanded rapidly, and the skills of the new team members are seriously insufficient. The heavy service timely launched the training method of "teacher leads apprentice". It is understood that this training method first serves the new members to follow the old members "nanny" for 3 months, so as to realize the new members' basic understanding and skilled operation of the drilling rig, and then follows the master on a business trip for maintenance services, so as to quickly master the maintenance skills by "starting" the master. By the end of 2010, 100 service personnel were able to work independently through the training of teachers and apprentices

from meeting to understanding, the ability to develop and realize training aids has been rapidly improved.

in 2011, with the continuous expansion of the service team, the skill level of personnel can not meet the needs of customers, and the training and explanation of the company's technical personnel are too professional to effectively improve the skill level of personnel. Facing the current situation, the service team quickly launched the development plan of teaching aids. It is understood that the development of teaching aids is to use the service core to cut and planing the parts of the key parts of the drilling rig, and let the team members understand the working principle and damage form of the parts by explaining the physical teaching aids. Through one year's efforts, the service team has achieved the ability to change from being able to operate the rig, repair and replace accessories to understanding the working principle of various accessories of the rig

from understanding to precision, the skill level evaluation and employment and the training and boosting ability of elite engineers continue to improve

in 2012, with the continuous improvement of the ability of the service team, the team members' automobile front axle bench fatigue life test steps: the phenomenon of different skill levels between is more and more obvious. In order to increase the enthusiasm of the team members to learn, in line with the principle of more talents, the team built a service engineer skill evaluation mechanism, The higher the star level, the higher the skill salary. Since the implementation of the evaluation mechanism, the team members' enthusiasm for learning has soared. In 2014, the team timely put forward the "elite engineer training plan", using registration and mutual evaluation to select some team members with high skill levels, and arrange special training through external lecturers and business trips. 11 Displacement range: 10mm. Through a series of measures, the skill level of the service team has been continuously improved, and the "24-hour closed-loop rate of service" has been continuously improved for five consecutive years

in 2015, the heavy service team will work harder to make the golden signboard of "serving you wholeheartedly" more bright

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