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There are five bottlenecks in the cluster development of equipment manufacturing industry that need to be solved.

equipment manufacturing industry is the traditional advantageous industry in Liaoning Province. In recent years, the equipment manufacturing industry in Liaoning Province has achieved rapid development and become the first industry in the province. At present, Liaoning Province has reached a consensus on building a world advanced equipment manufacturing base through the implementation of the industrial cluster strategy, but there are still five bottlenecks in the implementation of the industrial cluster strategy, which need to be effectively solved in the revitalization plan of the old industrial base

recently, the Liaoning Provincial Economic Commission conducted a special survey on the development of the provincial equipment manufacturing industry cluster, and then found the following five bottlenecks:

first, there is a lack of reasonable division of labor and cooperation. It is mainly reflected in three aspects. First, due to traditional institutional factors, some leading enterprises in Liaoning Province are still mainly supporting in the system, and the outsourcing business of supporting parts is slow. Many high-quality and low-cost parts in the market are difficult to enter the supporting system of these enterprises. Second, some innovative products have a weak ability to follow up in the province, forcing some enterprises to support outside the province and abroad. Some enterprises have to engage in research and development and build supporting enterprises by themselves, forming a new large and comprehensive, small and comprehensive. Liaoning power transmission and transformation industry, CNC machine tool industry and other key parts and core functional components basically rely on imports. The local matching rate of Liaoning shipbuilding industry is only 25%, and the key ship borne electromechanical equipment should also be imported from abroad. The third is the lack of industrial chain connection within the industrial cluster, the lack of overall design in production processes, energy conservation and emission reduction among enterprises, the lack of industry organization and coordination among enterprises, and the overall advantages of the industrial cluster can not be brought into play

secondly, the problem of industrial convergence is more prominent. At present, governments at all levels take the construction of industrial parks and the development of industrial clusters as an important means of developing the local economy. They have taken a series of measures, such as going out, inviting in, grasping projects, running investment, etc., which have attracted a number of enterprises and projects to land in the cluster, resulting in cluster fever and park fever, which have promoted economic development to a certain extent. However, from the perspective of regional coordinated development, due to the different policies of each region, the industry is similar to each other to a large extent, with scattered investment, low-level competition, and competition for resources. What are the key technical points and utilization of the relaxation experimental machine that the industry can hold? Now I will give you a detailed introduction to these two issues. The ability of sustainable development is challenged, which increases the difficulty of coordination between regions. For example, the areas near the sea, the river and the river all take the shipbuilding industry as the focus of industrial development. With the rapid development of wind power industry, all localities are rushing to engage in wind power equipment and supporting industries. As a result, the scale of enterprises is not large and the level is not going up, which eventually leads to low-level vicious competition. Even in the process of foreign investment, they compete to lower the threshold, resulting in competition with each other, the association and cooperation between enterprises are difficult to carry out, and the overall advantages of the region cannot be formed

third, the development level of industrial clusters is not high. Most of the so-called industrial clusters in Liaoning Province are just "clusters" of equipment manufacturing enterprises. Based on the solid foundation of the equipment manufacturing industry in the province, it is entirely possible to cultivate high-level industrial clusters with independent innovation ability, with leading equipment manufacturing enterprises as the core, and with many accessories, in which the main hydraulic components are jointly developed by domestic well-known brand enterprises, or other forms of industrial clusters in line with the actual situation of Liaoning Province. However, from the actual situation, the equipment manufacturing industry cluster in Liaoning Province is still at the middle and low end of the industrial chain, and the product grade and quality are not high. Most of them are labor-intensive enterprises, mainly rely on low-end markets at home and abroad, and the industrial status of the cluster is not high. Industrial clusters lack leading enterprises, and the phenomenon of "low, scattered, small and disorderly" is relatively common. The management level of enterprises in the clusters is generally low, and there is a lack of industrial chain connection among enterprises. Professional service institutions and supporting service networks still need to be cultivated and improved. The development and innovation ability of industrial clusters is insufficient. Most enterprises in industrial clusters lack innovation ability and market development ability is weak

fourth, there are misunderstandings about industrial clusters. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, it does not have a deep understanding of the development mode and function mechanism of industrial clusters. In some regions, local enterprises are simply classified as clusters, or many enterprises are gathered together as clusters. The upstream and downstream linkages between enterprises are not close, leading enterprises are not driven, and the design and arrangement of industrial chains are lacking, It cannot consciously operate according to the modern industrial cluster mode; Second, we attach importance to large enterprises and large projects, ignoring the development of small and specialized, small and refined, small and some small and medium-sized enterprises. Third, pay attention to increment and ignore stock. At present, many regions have put forward good development ideas such as building industrial clusters and industrial bases, but they focus on increasing the increment. Blindly relying on external forces to develop industrial clusters in Liaoning Province, they often ignore the role of local enterprises as the main force in the development of industrial clusters, and do not combine the development of traditional industries by relying on the stock and the development of emerging industries by using the increment

fifth, service guarantee measures are not in place. The development of industrial clusters cannot be separated from the service and guarantee of the government. However, because Liaoning Province has not been developing industrial clusters for a long time to realize the special closed-loop control of displacement, deformation and speed, the construction of service guarantee system is not perfect. For example, the lack of unified planning, the lack of authoritative guidance on the development direction of industrial clusters, regional industrial layout, etc., resulting in disordered regional functional positioning, lack of focus, low resource sharing, and the lack of formation of its own industrial cluster characteristics; The construction of infrastructure such as road transportation, communication and electricity in the industrial cluster lags behind, and the cultivation of industrial cluster brands, technological innovation platforms, education and training institutions, product quality testing facilities, holding trade fairs, exhibitions and many other aspects do not meet the requirements of the rapid development of industrial clusters, etc

Liaoning Provincial Economic Commission proposed that to speed up the development of equipment manufacturing industry clusters in the province, we should strengthen the scientific demonstration of the overall plan and coordinate the planning and layout of equipment manufacturing industry clusters in the province; We should establish and improve the policy guarantee to support the development of equipment manufacturing industry clusters, especially formulate supporting policies in tax, finance and land, and set up special funds to support the simultaneous development of industrial clusters; Give full play to the leading role of enterprises; We should build the brand image of industrial clusters

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