Causes and Countermeasures of frequent traffic acc

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Causes and Countermeasures of frequent traffic accidents

in recent years, with the increasing number of various vehicles, traffic accidents continue to occur. According to the statistics of relevant departments, China has 1.9% of the world's cars, but the traffic accidents caused by it account for 15% of the world. The number of people killed in traffic accidents every year exceeds 100000, and the number of traffic accident deaths is the highest in the world. From the situation of Wendeng City, in recent years, with the continuous improvement of fire accidents in various places of domestic water and the enhancement of people's purchasing power, the number of motor vehicles has increased year by year, and people's awareness of traffic safety is generally weak, resulting in frequent traffic accidents. Judging from the cases heard by the court, there were 237 and 287 civil traffic accident damage compensation cases heard by Wendeng court in 2004 and 2005 respectively, and 232 cases from January to October this year. The rising trend of criminal traffic accidents is particularly obvious. 15 cases were concluded in 2004, which soared to 50 in 2005. 48 cases have been tried from January to October this year. Traffic accidents have become the type of multiple cases second only to intentional injury, robbery and theft. The continuous occurrence of traffic accidents has posed a great threat to the safety of people's lives and property and the stability of social security, and has become a social problem that can not be ignored. The author analyzes the frequent causes of traffic accidents in recent years and puts forward relevant countermeasures to help prevent and reduce traffic accidents

I. view of frequent traffic accidents (I) weak safety awareness of motor vehicle drivers is the main reason for frequent traffic accidents. Some drivers, due to their weak concept of traffic law and poor safety awareness, neglect traffic safety, resulting in accidents from time to time

1. Drunk driving. According to relevant data, drivers are 16 times more likely to have traffic accidents after drinking, and 30% of road traffic accidents are caused by drunk driving and drunk driving

2. One sided pursuit of economic interests and illegal overloading and speeding are another major cause of traffic accidents. In recent years, due to the economic development, the number of vehicles engaged in transportation has increased. Some passenger and freight enterprises and employees are only concerned with making money, running fast, overloading and speeding, regardless of the safety of others' lives and property. Some people stop illegally to get on and off passengers, and even drive in the opposite direction in order to grab passengers. Traffic accidents caused by illegal overloading, superelevation and speeding account for a large proportion

3. Fatigue driving. Continuous driving and fatigue driving are another important reason for traffic accident cases. Fatigue driving is the most dangerous. Many major traffic accidents are caused by drivers' fatigue driving. Most long-distance buses are equipped with two drivers, but the phenomenon of fatigue driving still exists. Some bus drivers often work continuously for more than ten hours, which is worrying. During festivals, many people drive private cars home, and fatigue driving is common. The steering wheel holds the safety of a car of people, and the driver's slow response to the emergency may lead to a tragedy. Many tragic traffic accidents, especially during the festival, are related to the driver's fatigue driving, and the bus is very easy to cause mass casualties. A total of 17 people were killed in the "12.19" traffic accident at Wangdu section of Beijing Shijiazhuang Expressway in Hebei Province

4. Driving without license. Now there are more and more motor vehicles, but many people have not passed the normal examination and obtained a qualified driving license. Some have not received training, and some even paid for their driving licenses. There are also cases where you don't own a car, but you have driven with others for two or three times, and then borrow others' car to drive when something happens. This kind of situation is often seen in rural areas. Most of these people don't understand traffic rules, don't wear seat belts when driving, and don't wear safety helmets when riding motorcycles. They are the people most likely to cause accidents. The increase in the proportion of accidents caused by three wheeled and four wheeled agricultural transport vehicles and motorcycles is mostly due to this reason

5. Overconfidence. In life, drivers are too "confident" to cause traffic accidents. They think they are better at driving, such as children's play, playing while driving, smoking, changing music movies, chatting with passengers, overtaking at will, etc. these behaviors will directly affect and distract the driver's attention, leading to accidents

6. Traffic accidents occur due to mechanical failure of motor vehicles. Some drivers do not have a strong sense of safety, and believe that the lack of some equipment is irrelevant. Driving scrapped or seriously faulty vehicles, the direction is out of control, the brakes are not working, the lights are not bright, the horn does not sound, and the rear mirror is not inverted. They are still driving on the road as usual

(II) poor awareness of pedestrian traffic safety is also the main reason for the frequent occurrence of such accidents. The safety awareness of pedestrians needs to be further strengthened, such as pedestrians do not walk on the sidewalk, cross the highway indiscriminately, turn a blind eye to traffic lights, etc. the proportion of accidents caused by pedestrians crossing the highway is much higher than that in the past. Rest assured that these points must be achieved

(III) unreasonable roads and related facilities and imperfect road maintenance are also one of the reasons for frequent accidents. Due to the development of villages and towns, the villages on both sides of the road have also begun to be urbanized, and many houses, factories and shops have been built on both sides of the road. Pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles on the road have increased significantly. Motor vehicles, non motor vehicles and pedestrians are mixed on the same plane, but the road facilities are still the configuration of rural roads. Others pile grass and dry grain on the road, and the obstacles on the road are not cleared in time, which all leave hidden dangers to traffic safety

second, deep-seated reason analysis

the reason why the above situation occurs, the author believes that in the final analysis, it is directly related to lax law enforcement, inadequate management and light sentencing of traffic accidents

the so-called lax law enforcement means that the relevant departments fail to abide by the law and enforce the law laxly for pedestrians' violations of traffic rules. In particular, the punishment for driving without a license, driving a disabled car, driving illegally and other acts is insufficient. At the same time, articles 61 to 63 of the road traffic safety law stipulate that pedestrians should abide by several provisions, and it is stipulated in Article 89 of the law that if they violate these Provisions, they will be fined not less than 5 yuan but not more than 50 yuan. In practice, it is unheard of to punish pedestrians for illegal acts. Pedestrians continue to ignore the law, and law enforcement officials also turn a blind eye to the illegal pedestrians. For example, high molecular materials can be used to manufacture sanitary products, medical devices, medical catheters, artificial organs, etc., which contribute to the bad habit of not complying with traffic regulations

the increase of vehicles without proper management is a potential hidden danger of traffic accidents. The high violation of drivers should be attributed to the deviation in the management review of driving qualification by relevant departments. According to the situation of the air compressor pump disclosed by various places, some driving schools do not implement driving training in accordance with industry standards, and some do not have training qualifications at all; The higher authorities of some driving schools have dereliction of duty and malpractice, or favoritism or lax control in physical examination, examination and other links. In this way, a large number of "road killers" have been directly spawned. In addition, the loose management of motor vehicles in rural areas is widespread, or even not managed, resulting in the serious situation of three licenses without one license (referring to vehicle license and driving license)

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