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In recent years, we can often see reports about fires through television, newspapers and other media. Due to the continuous occurrence of fires throughout the country, great losses have been caused to the national economy and heavy casualties. The state attaches great importance to this. Every year, it warns all departments to pay attention to fire protection, but with little effect, fires continue to occur, In view of these achievements, here are my personal opinions and views

current situation

first of all, let's look at the problems existing in the current situation of the site when a fire occurs

1) fire fighting facilities are not complete. It is mainly due to the inherent deficiencies of the building in the layout of fire-fighting facilities, such as the insufficient number of fire hydrants, the lack of fire-fighting pressure equipment and water storage capacity for removing dust on the surface, or the absence of automatic fire-extinguishing devices

2) the balance between the hydraulic pressure and the spring force exerted by the fire-fighting facilities on the valve core can be abnormal. It is mainly because the fire-fighting facilities are out of repair for a long time, causing corrosion and rust in the fire-fighting equipment and fire-fighting pipelines, the valves cannot be opened and closed, the alarm does not alarm, the water pump cannot be started in time, the fire hydrant does not water, the automatic fire extinguishing device cannot spray water in time, the fire-fighting water is deteriorated, or there are hydrants in the fire hydrant box without water hoses and water guns caused by man-made damage

3) the fire partition of the building was demolished arbitrarily or the fire partition itself could not meet the fire protection requirements. Not long ago, there was such a report in the CCTV focus interview column that in order to increase the business area and expand the business scale, a shopping mall removed the original firewall or fire shutter, which increased the fire compartment and increased the incidence of fire and the difficulty of fire control

4) the leaders of the unit do not pay attention to the fire disaster, are unwilling to spend human and financial resources to take care of the fire, or lack due fire-fighting knowledge, and are not aware of the serious consequences of the fire, leaving artificial space for future fires by tightening the screws

5) due to the lack of fire fighting knowledge and basic fire prevention and self rescue ability, the fire cannot be controlled at the beginning, resulting in property losses and even casualties

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