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Daily operation and maintenance of electromagnetic vibration testing machine

in view of the problems encountered by customers in the operation of electromagnetic vibration table, our company lists the corresponding solutions, and gives the following four examples for the reference of operators of electromagnetic vibration table

I. the vibration table cannot be connected to the computer control (with microcomputer model)

1. Check whether the wires around the computer are correctly connected. Please reconnect and confirm again.

2. Check whether the RS232 wiring port is connected and in good contact, and it needs to be reconnected once.

3. Check whether the power switch of the vibration table control box is turned on. If not, press on (i.e. turn on the vibration table power)

4 Then check whether the RS232 serial port computer setting is com2 or COM1, and replace the setting.

5. Check whether the program screen is opened correctly and whether the setting is correct. Refer to the setting steps in the computer operation manual.

II. The electromagnetic vibration table cannot stop after the setting time.

1. Check whether the setting of the operation steps is correct. Check the

2 again according to the operating steps. Check whether the internal code is correct, Re check the correctness according to the parameter table.

3. Shut down the machine, reset the internal code, and re set it according to the operating steps.

3. There is abnormal noise when the table body is working.

1. It is abnormal noise when the test object is binding the contact surface with the naked eye. Please re bind or check the table body.

2. Check whether the spring steel sheet in the table body is broken. If the size (length, width and thickness) is measured, you can tell the manufacturer to send it to your company.

4 Some figures appear in the computer program and prompt to contact XXX company to provide the authorization code

to check whether the communication line has broken poles, high weathering areas and deserts, and whether there are demand lines or insulation layers peeling off, Check whether the computer is working normally (not connected to the vibration table)

and confirm whether your company has added other external equipment to the computer or used it for other purposes

note: the vibration table sometimes causes the system files to be lost or the password to be forgotten due to improper operation or modification. In case of high TG (~ 214 ° C), contact the manufacturer and send it back to the computer host for resetting

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