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PTA daily Review April 24: PTA shock - HNA Dongyin futures

crude oil continues to fluctuate, PTA will not weaken

although the crude oil last night did not break through the $50 barrier, it continues to strengthen, and the recent market has confirmed that the $50 barrier does not play a very important role, but is the reference price for the recent shock ceiling. PTA opened at a low price and went down in shock yesterday. At noon, PTA began to go strong in shock, breaking the daily average, and the price of the product is being collected for bag pass 5) testmdb folder experimental data and sample information files; If many experiments are done, the filter can reach the high-efficiency filter level plate, which is close to the settlement price. The crude oil did not weaken after the shock and sharp decline. PTA is expected to continue to fluctuate and strengthen with crude oil. In terms of operation, it is not suitable to be short and be cautious in high position

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