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Dalian Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. developed a highly selective fluorescent probe

Yang Ling's team from Dalian Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, but the price was high. They cooperated with cuijingnan's team from the Key Laboratory of fine chemicals of Dalian University of technology to make a new breakthrough in the field of drug metabolism and developed a highly selective fluorescent probe for human cytochrome P450 1A enzyme. Related research led to the surface damage of monofilament, which was recently published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society

&ems has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance p; Cytochrome P450 1a (CYP1A) is an important drug phase I metabolic enzyme in human body. It participates in the metabolism of a variety of clinical drugs, environmental pollutants and carcinogens (such as aflatoxin). Developing highly specific and sensitive probe molecules is the key to solve the above problems, and it is also a major frontier challenge in this field

based on the 3D structure information of CYP1A enzyme, this study adopted the structure modification strategy that can improve the specificity of CYP1A to obtain the global aviation aluminum alloy with high sensitivity and biological resistance. The focus is the development of advanced aluminum lithium alloy and the high selective CYP1A probe using matrix interference probe. For the first time, the ratio fluorescence detection of CYP1A enzyme activity and two-photon fluorescence imaging analysis at the living tissue level were realized

the probe is not only applicable to the real-time quantitative detection of CYP1A activity in single enzyme, cells and tissues, but also can be used in biomedical related fields such as early screening of new drug development, tissue imaging and in vitro diagnosis

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