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Stainless steel has the brightness close to the mirror, and the touch is strong and cold, which is in line with the cool aesthetic of the metal age. The kitchen can also become a world of stainless steel. Those cabinets and objects made of stainless steel are not only outstanding in appearance, but also inviolable, which is most suitable for the kitchen environment with water and fire. Now let's introduce the stainless steel kitchen equipment and the maintenance knowledge of stainless steel kitchen equipment. Let's have a look

What are the stainless steel kitchen equipment

1. Stainless steel cabinet

if the pink white French classical solid wood cabinet brings you graceful femininity, then the shiny stainless steel cabinet will undoubtedly reveal a strong post-modern masculine feature, as if it makes you linger in a city with developed heavy industry. When you bring plates of delicious food and vegetables from such a kitchen, it is like industrialized precision casting, It's refreshing and meticulous

2. Stainless steel table top

the appearance of stainless steel table top is very avant-garde, and it is shiny and not easy to show dirty. Even if it is contaminated with oil, it is easy to clean up, and it is as bright as new after using for many days. It feels cool in summer, which can eliminate the hot and anxious feeling brought by cooking

3. Stainless steel sink

some people think that stainless steel cabinets must be matched with sinks of the same material to be harmonious. In fact, mixing and matching can highlight personality charm. The sink of stainless steel cabinet with stone also has the unity of strong style, and the mixed objects of stainless steel sink are more abundant, and the countertops of marble, artificial stone and refractory board complement each other. It is wear-resistant and easy to clean. The design of large and small partitions can fully reflect the fun of division of labor

4. Stainless steel pulley frame

when making cabinets, leave a simple space for a stainless steel frame with pulleys. You can put some commonly used items on it and push them back to their original positions after use, which can save space. If there is no place to cook, you can also put the cutting board on the top floor to make a temporary console

5. Stainless steel pendants

use the wall of the space between the floor cabinet and the hanging cabinet to install stainless steel shelves or pendants, which can place cutting boards, hooks, mugs, seasoning bottles, shovels, spoons, etc., so as to avoid them occupying the countertop of the cabinet. If you are a conscientious person, you can also nail stainless steel hooks and rods on the door panel of the cabinet to hang items. It is absolutely durable and beautiful

6. Stainless steel drawers

steel drawers are used by many families when choosing cabinets “ Bite your teeth ” In fact, as long as you choose it, you will realize how smooth the opening and closing is. Every time you take it, you will enjoy it

7. Stainless steel faucet

the switch on the faucet can directly control the water inlet system of the dishwasher, which is convenient and practical. At the moment of opening the window, the tap can also “ Dumping ” This design makes full use of the toughness of stainless steel

maintenance of stainless steel kitchen equipment

for those large kitchen equipment, such as the maintenance of stoves, because they are often stained with oil fumes, in order to ensure their cleanliness, some cleaning should be done after each meal. Cleaning every day will not lead to irremovable stains on the stoves, which is not only beautiful, but also more healthy to eat; Knives, cutting boards and pans are all necessary when we cook. The maintenance of knives and pans is mainly to pay attention not to rust. Therefore, it is recommended to put them in a ventilated place after each cleaning and let them dry naturally. Environmental protection and energy-saving kitchenware will not be rotten; The cutting board is usually made of glue or wood. It can be cleaned with water, but it also needs to be kept dry and not put in a closed environment

cleaning stainless steel kitchen equipment is not a difficult thing. As long as you keep cleaning in daily life, there will generally be no stains that are difficult to remove. For those appliances that are difficult to clean, you can use some detergent to assist, but it should be noted that they must not be corrosive

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