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Today, the wall fabric industry has entered a period of rapid development, but the majority of consumers' awareness of the wall fabric industry is still in the primary stage. The press group came to Ruyu Deshui on December 25 and conducted a one-day enterprise visit and comprehensive report on it

ruyushui curtain East China Sales Director Zhou Meng

[reporter]: Hello, director Zhou, what are your main responsibilities in ruyushui? Can you introduce your usual work

[Zhou Meng]: I am in charge of the sales and management of the whole East China region in the company. I usually do some organizational work. We have a regional monthly meeting every month. I am mainly responsible for holding this meeting well and doing regional investment promotion work, basically these two

[reporter]: how about the sales of ruyushui in East China this year? What is the proportion of overall sales in the country

[Zhou Meng]: the overall environment this year is not very good, but the sales of our East China region still account for more than 40% of the overall sales of the country, maintaining a double-digit growth

[reporter]: in your opinion, what brand advantages or brand characteristics do you have in East China? Why is the sales so good

[Zhou Meng]: ruyushui has great advantages in East China, because our brand promotion and store establishment in East China are early, especially in Jiangsu, the coverage rate has exceeded 98%, and the prefecture level cities are basically full. Now it has been opened to county-level cities, including our towns and townships, which is very powerful. At the same time, in our products, the R & D speed has increased very fast this year, because we are already entering this market. From the previous launch of a new product every six months to now, there is basically a new product release every month, and the products are close to the market. The service of R & D this year has been greatly improved, which is the product advantage

the second is our marketing, which is unmatched by other brands in this industry. Since the beginning of this year, we have continued to introduce the monthly meeting to clarify our goals. Every month, we have our national linkage activities. At the same time, there are mutual PK between stores and stores to motivate our stores through various means. The core advantage of Ru Yu de Shui is that the product quality and after-sales service are extremely good, so the word-of-mouth is extremely good. If consumers in East China come to buy curtains, they can basically make a comparison. This is also our characteristic in this region. In summary, the products are good, the services are good, and the marketing is excellent

[reporter]: what is the specific goal of East China sales in 2019 and what actions will be taken

[Zhou Meng]: I think under the condition of laying a solid foundation in 2018, the goal of 2019 should be to significantly improve. Because in 2018, we will focus on the development of new stores. In 2019, we will once again improve the channel development action of investment attraction, while ensuring our normal marketing and our product counterparts. I think our goal in 2019 is to double this year's base

[reporter]: Thank you very much for accepting our interview. Thank you

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