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With the development of the times, the working map of "360 lines" has long been rewritten. The birth of the new mall has subdivided all the work and brought many opportunities. For door and window brand enterprises, it is understandable that the birth of the new mall brings more opportunities for development, but it also brings more challenges. How should door and window brand enterprises deal with such challenges

door and window brand enterprises face the challenge in new shopping malls:

there is a fierce competition between rebirth shopping malls

any rebirth is born from the "mother", and new shopping malls are also derived from large shopping malls. Although each new shopping mall is "a mother compatriot", there is competition contact. For example, in nature, the cubs who can finally grow up must compete for their brothers' food in exchange for the opportunity to grow up

similarly, there are fierce competitions between rebirth malls. With such competitions, the capital of the mall is redistributed, because the capital is the food on which the mall depends for its livelihood

mall segmentation will also aggravate mall competition

when the cost crisis has seriously threatened the development of door companies, mall segmentation will further exacerbate the shortage of cost, and the competition between companies will be more intense due to the competition between different malls

in addition, the main stream direction of new shopping malls has not been determined, and launching in new shopping malls itself is full of great unpredictability. Even sophisticated door and window brands are difficult to adhere to the previous style in new shopping malls, and the future of small ceiling companies that have been making a living in the cracks is even more uncertain

the door and window brand enterprises will face more challenges than before.

the intensification of capital shortage, the unclear direction of shopping malls, the weakening of shopping malls' control power and so on have become the questions of integrated door and window brand enterprises. If door and window brand enterprises want to deal with these questions, they no longer need to improve their innovation and enhance the financing of shopping malls. New questions can be handled not only by relying on funds. Door and window brand enterprises will face more challenges than ever before, and with the advance of shopping malls, the competition between each segment of shopping malls will intensify

in the face of such a new market challenge, how can the door and window brand enterprise reform "empower" to make the company more stable and sustainable

under the new economic normal, the company's new "kinetic energy"

empowerment is to give talent and energy, and to give door and window brand enterprises "the ability of base, growth and team". Making progress to deal with new talents in the future, vivid, timely and useful "empowerment" is to exhort the company boss to vividly give the company and employees the ability to expand and grow in the face of the new normal in the future. Because the future will be a competition era of team summarizing strength, and the era of fighting alone and succeeding by seizing an opportunity is no longer here. In the future, companies and brand competitions will rely on real talents, real innovative and sustainable talents, such as organizational talents, operational talents, commodity talents, learning talents, innovative talents, behavioral talents, etc

the current market economy has entered a new normal, and the way in which the early years were carried out has gone away, making the door and window industry enter a new path of transformation and promotion driven by innovation. It is also a subject that the door and window industry must end in the "13th five year plan" period to pursue the way of adding quality and efficiency, cultivate new development momentum, and end power switching. During this period, the cultivation of talents becomes more and more important and critical. Because the future competition is the competition and competition of talent and strength. Some experts pointed out that the most important thing for organizations in the future is empowerment, rather than handling or encouraging

gather subjective initiative to "empower" employees and the company itself.

give the company kinetic energy through the mechanism, first of all, gather the subjective initiative of employees. People are the most vivid element in productivity. The fundamental guarantee of production and quality is the quality of employees. Innovation is talent innovation in the final analysis. Therefore, empowering the company is primarily to empower employees and the overall mechanism and method of the company. Empowering people, arousing employees' intrinsic kinetic energy, automatically and vividly, so that the company as a whole can get used to the needs of future development in terms of improving profitability, increasing speed, continuous innovation, creative design, group encouragement, efficient processing, good index, summarizing strength and other abilities, and bring new achievements and new development abilities to the company

as the saying goes, the train runs fast, all by the headband, and the geese fly. As the leader of the company, we should constantly cultivate our "empowerment" talents together with the empowerment of the company. Including adhering to learning, learning and absorbing the concept of preemptive operation at home and abroad; Enhance their own foresight, insight, decision-making and innovation, so that the company has always been in the leading position; Cultivate strategic concentration, firmly grasp the fundamental development of the company, such as quality, integrity, civilization, etc., and don't let the clouds cover your eyes; Give the company and employees "craftsman quality" and make the commodity quality and brand more competitive in the market; Improve the employee's beauty index, and make their leadership become the ballast of the company's ship; Always tighten the bottom line of crisis and safety, so that the company can carry out without warning and without hitting the rocks, grow and grow into an international brand and a century old company

the year of the "13th five year plan" situation should firmly grasp the "innovation surplus"

2016 is the year of the "13th five year plan" situation, and it is also the first year for the door and window industry to carry out practice and innovation, cultivate new kinetic energy, and end the power change. The door and window industry not only needs to seize the large favorable terrain, favorable terrain, people and advantages still existing at that time, deeply tap the continuous "innovation surplus", drive and improve the total factor productivity with innovation, strive for the "three products" special behavior, fully improve the international competitiveness, and end the "double medium and high" policy, but also needs to use the made in China 2025 and craftsman energy to teach, and strive to promote the supply side structural innovation, End the change driven by factor driven intention power and innovation

for door and window brand enterprises, if they don't want to be micro entrepreneurs in new malls, they should constantly give new momentum to door and window brand enterprises and brand development, and cultivate the ability of door and window brand enterprises to win the future




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